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I was contacted by the global business journal online proposing and selling advertising space in one of there magazines, they are fake so is the magazine and the customers they state they represent. i contacted there supposed clients guess, what all of the firms HAVENT HEARD OF HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING WITH THEM...NICE TRY MAYBE THE BR BOYS ARE GIVING UP ON SHARES AND TRYING TO SCAM ON NEW BUT VERY TRANSPARENT BULL S£2T!..After doing some simple web based research they seem to be in Bangkok not Singapore as the site clearly states..they also use another site to back up their spill which is VITUAL OFFICE which a 5y r old could of made in a day at pre school..i have taken up conversing with the Singaporean inter-pool who have informed me that they have been made aware and are currently investigating the scam they informed me that the fake company has an account with DBS BANK registered under a British expat in Bangkok and are now making moves with the Thailand police and British Embassy in Bangkok to track the Kingpin down but usually in these cases the criminals never use real names the account is under Mr Jason Collins uk.. so i think thats the case unless like most criminals this guy is a ### and will be punished..IF like me you are sick of being scammed stay away from Global business jOURNAL ONLINE or if its to late contact the British Embassy in Bangkok who currently have a number of complaints and a open case on the investigation.

The Global Business Journal online

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      1st of Apr, 2012

    Both companies state they are in Singapore they are in Bangkok we have been told..the address in Singapore are virtual offices which scammers have been using for years

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