The Garage Door Company / Bad Installation

1 South Africa

I paid a deposit for 2 jobs to the Garage Door Company in June, R 4 100 for one job and R 6400 for another. This was for A, the installation of an automated garage door and B for the automation of a steel gate. After weeks and weeks if promises by the contractor Mr. Dion Thom that he will come "tomorrow" he send a "subcontractor" out last saturday that did a very poor installation and its not complete. The total sum of both deposits cover the actual cost /quote of B, but he doesnt show to finish it. And in fact the motors on these gates do not work. Now he is saying I stil owe him money and this new subcontractor threatened to come and remove the motors. I send mr. Thom an email after numerous telephone calls and explained to him that he lost the job on A but that i did in fact paid him MORE than was quote for B, still nothing, again he said this morning tomorrow!!! I am sooooo sick of all his and his companies lies, what can I do??


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