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The Freedom Blanket / Blankets never arrived!

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The Freedom Blanket assured Christmas delivery for orders placed before December 16. I ordered two on December 9. On December 17, I received an email stating they were on the way.

They never arrived.

The DHL tracking information never changed--it stated they would arrive by December 21, but it was never updated to show progress. On the 23rd I called DHL and found out the company had entered the shipping information but never sent the package.

I emailed and called the company and never got any response. Finally I spoke to an online customer service rep who told me they were overwhelmed by their holiday orders.

They should have called or emailed to let me know--instead, I kept hoping my gifts would arrive. The customer service girl just acted like it was no big deal: "your order is set to ship this week." I don't think so. Even after that chat, I have not received any kind of confirmation that my order has been canceled. The site is now offering free shipping for orders that are placed before Dec. 31--DON'T DO IT!


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  • Er
      15th of Jan, 2007
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    I had an almost identical experience with this company!

    I ordered on December 8th for a Christmas gift and after no shipping confirmation by the 17th I contacted the company. I had to try two different email addresses since one of the addresses listed on the web site came back as not found. I was told the product would be expedited for delivery no later than Dec. 22nd. It never came.

    Over five emails and three phone calls have not been returned by this company. The shipper, DHL, says the item was never actually picked up from the company.

    I have been trying the get a refund for over three weeks now and I can't even get a response. I have filed a complaint with the BBB since this is the absolute worst customer service experience I have ever had. I feel they have basically stolen my money since the funds were deducted two days after the order was placed and no product was ever sent.

    If you have any interest in this product please go to The product is the same, and maybe even better, and the customer service is far superior!

  • Ro
      23rd of Jan, 2007
    0 Votes

    Same here. I was given the DHL number for shipment on the 19th of Jan and here it is on the 23rd (the anticipated delivery date) and DHL still doesn't have the package.

    The site promised delivery on Dec. 30th, then it was delayed by two weeks. Now, it's almost a month from the original ship date!

    If the package is not shipped by the end of the week, I will be starting dispute resolution with my Visa credit card company.

  • An
      25th of Jan, 2007
    0 Votes

    I've had the same problem with them. Everything the above commenters said is exactly the same with me. The Freedom Blanket sucks. Order from like I should have.

  • Sc
      1st of Feb, 2007
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    I have had the exact same experience. I placed my order on December 11th. It is now January 31st and I have received nothing. On the 19th of January I was promised that the item was slated for shipment on January 22nd. 10 Days later and I have received nothing. It is impossible to reach someone by phone or via live chat. 2 of their e-mails bounce back, but it seems that the is reaching someone named Jennifer. In my last e-mail to them I have promised to begin dispute resolution with my credit card company if I do not receive a tracking number immediately. Sounds like others who have been given a tracking number have seen nothing.

    Their website is now offering additional "coming soon" product. It sounds to me like the whole things is a scam playing off the same idea as the Slanket. I decided to order from Freedom Blanket because their price was better. Guess it wasn't worth it after all. They charge your credit card immediately, likely gain interest from your money and then never ship product.


  • Sc
      1st of Feb, 2007
    0 Votes

    My last e-mail from them was positive with at least what seemed like a genuine explanation for the delay. Apparently this is a one person operation and the blankets are individually hand made. If you are looking for quick service, you might look elsewhere. I'm still waiting to see if my blanket arrives.

  • Sc
      7th of Feb, 2007
    0 Votes

    My blanket finally arrived today. nearly 2 months after placing my order. The quality is excellent. If only the shipping service was more prompt and their explanation of delay was more honest from the beginning I might have been more patient before posting a complaint such as that above.

    I would now recommend this company and am not concerned that it is a scam. I would however warn anyone ordering to be prepared to wait some time for your order and do not expect it to ship quickly. I hope this helps to make buyers better informed.

  • Li
      27th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I ordered two blankets in May of 2007. They charged my credit card the next day. I never received my order. After numerous email inquiries and phone messages, I received one email from them two months ago and they said they would refund my money. To date, I still have not received my order or a refund of my money. Now their website says they are reorganizing to provide better service to their customers.


  • Je
      20th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I had the exact same problem with this company. I ordered one for my mom last May (2007). I never received the blanket and I never received a refund. Every time I tried to call the company it would go directly to voice mail. After about what seemed like a million emails they finally responded acting like it was no big deal and they would cancel my order and refund my money. I still never received a refund. I am still emailing them periodically in hope (which I doubt will ever happen) that I will someday receive my money back. I have also filed a complaint with the BBB.

  • Je
      19th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    The Freedom Blanket was a ONE person operation and every blanket was handmade. The shipping policy should have been changed to reflect the hundreds of orders they were receiving, especially during the holidays. In the future is will be posted that the new shipping policy is 4 to 6 weeks. Let's remember that one person put their blood, sweat & tears into this business and in world where everybody wants what they want yesterday, you should cut this company some slack!

  • Vk
      6th of Aug, 2009
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    I also paid for one of their blankets a year or two ago, right after it was featured on the Today Show. Just like everyone else here, my credit card was charged soon after I placed my order & I never received the blanket. I emailed, I called, I tried to live chat w/someone. Nothing worked. I ended up filiing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau & they ended up saying that the company was out of business. I waited too long to file a dispute w/my credit card company so I'm screwed.

    Jen, I'm sorry, but I disagree with you. This company went on the TODAY SHOW to advertise their product. They had to be aware that people would order them after that show aired. They should have been better prepared. Afterall, I doubt that it is that hard to hire employees. I doubt you've been screwed over by this sham of a company like the rest of us have or you wouldn't be posting the comment you did. I'm still furious with them, to this day & hope that by now, they've been shut down & can no longer scam people out of their hard-earned money. Also, the price was much higher when I ordered the blanket, so I got extra screwed! If there is someone there who has the time to run credit card charges, then there should be someone who takes the time to make them & ship them!

    I can't believe they're still in business. I see a class action lawsuit forming as I type this...I sure hope so! It's a SCAM!!!

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