The Free Lotto Awards / Fake email received

REFERENCE #: UKL/478593G9/19
EMAIL TICKET #: [protected]
Agent: Mr.Robin Peters
E-mail: verifications.[protected]

Note: You are required to tender your Full Name(s) & Reference # (same as above) Full Address, Country Of Residence, Occupation, Age, Sex, Telephone

NOTE: Please be warned, your winning and its entire information are to be kept strictly confidential, this is to avoid previous bad experience this program has suffered, such as abuse of this program by other internet user who use the name of this company for unscrupulous activities and double claiming of winning entitlement because of insecurity of winning information on the part of beneficiaries.

Always call to ensure you are dealing with the right office.

Mrs.Jenny Hopkins
Sweepstakes Coordinator.
The Free Lotto Awards is organized by a consortium firm companies to encourage
the use of the internet and promote computer literacy worldwide.


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