The Final Touch (Moving Co) / Moving Company double-charged me!

1 Dallas Fort Worth Texas, United States

Jay was competing with another quote of $140. The $140 quote stated that it included 2-hrs at $60 + $20 trip fee - all taxes included = $140 final quote. Jay said he charged $75/hr, but did not charge a trip fee - though he did have a 2-hr minimum. I specifically asked about any other fees, and he said there were none = $150 all-in, unless we went over 2 hrs. Well, it was 2 hrs and 5 mins. But he wanted to charge me over $324! He had his guys tell me they would not unload the truck until they got that amount. He would not call me - only communicated via text. Okay, let's say you call 2hrs 5 min = 2.5 hrs: That's $75 x 2.5 = $187.50. He added a $45 trip fee plus $30 more for "3rd floor" - after promising no trip fee and no other fees. (That "3rd floor" was 3rd floor of a storage unit with an elevator - not stairs.) All pre-tax costs = $262.50!! And I was quoted $150. I still can't figure out where the other $60+ came from, unless somehow tax in Grand Prairie TX jumped to almost 24% overnight. I offered him $200 on the off-chance I misunderstood about tax. He said "it doesn't work that way". I told him I only had $300 cash, and that the extra was supposed to be for his guys tip. He said he would take the $300, which left $0 for tip for two guys at Christmas, no less! He took from his own guys - and put them in jeopardy by extorting me. What if I was not so nice? I'll be calling the news people about this guy. Imagine if that was my food money. That was ALL the money I had on me - I felt mugged.

Dec 19, 2015

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