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The Elevision Network / Chris Hutcherson lies and owes $30k

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Chris Hutcherson engaged in a Web Design and Development project with Full Impact Studios and owes Full Impact Studios a sum of $30, 000 dollars in unpaid invoices for services rendered and contracts unfulfilled. Chris is a scrupulous individual with no morals and purposely defrauded our company knowing he didn't have the funds to cover the work provided and requested.

Due your due diligence prior to any dealing with Chris Hutcherson, whether personal or business wise.

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  • Do
      15th of Apr, 2009
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    The Elevision Network - Online scam
    The Elevision Network
    United States

    Chris Hutcherson is not to be trusted and will say and promise anything to get your money for his Elevision Network website. He has embezzled funds that we're collected from investors to fund the Elevision Network and when things got tough during the launch of the site Chris turned in his resignation and said there was no money left to fund the company.

    It is believed he has embezzled upwards of $500, 000 to 1, 000, 000 dollars from private and capital investors for the start of The Elevision Network and owes money to vendors into the thousands for everything from content, video companies, speakers on the network and development.

    Chris has several lawsuits being filed against him by several parties and has made no attempts to return any of the funds.

    Chris Hutcherson is not to be trusted and if you should google his name, you will find more information and reports regarding this same activity with other individuals.

    I'm writing this report to hopefully save another investor or individual thinking of doing business with him their time, their money and their reputation.

    I'll say it again, Chris Hutcherson is not to be trusted. He is a con-artist of the worst kind and has no regard for anyone but himself.

    Chris will feed you what ever you want to hear and will promise the World, but will not deliver.

  • Ro
      17th of Feb, 2010
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    The Truth behind The Elevision Network and Chris A. Hutcherson

    A grifter: a person who swindles you by means of deception or fraud.

    I have known a lot of people in my 50-odd years. I generally consider myself a good judge of character. I have never been more wrong than I was in the case of Chris Hutcherson. This seemly sincere, seemingly caring individual was good—very good. The purpose of this letter is to make sure that investors are warned with regards to The Elevision Network and Chris Hutcherson.

    There are several improprieties that have occurred in The Elevision Network organization. At the least, Chris Hutcherson is guilty of gross mismanagement of funds in my opinion. At the most, he is guilty of theft and/or embezzlement in my opinion. As more and more questions of accountability arose from various sources, more and more was done to hide the facts from investors in the hopes that they would continue to invest.

    The following are the known and verifiable facts concerning The Elevision Network.

    1. Several thousands of dollars of investor money was deposited directly in the bank account of Chris Hutcherson rather than the account of The Elevision Network.
    2. Payments to affiliates, which were due March 10, have not been paid.
    3. There are at least several thousands of dollars which are unaccounted for. The number may go into the millions.
    4. Several vendors and most consultants have not been paid since January.
    5. There is currently no business plan, no budget, and no fiduciary oversight of The Elevision Network. If you ask for a financial statement and if one is produced, look it over very carefully since I don’t believe that it is even possible to produce an accurate statement.
    6. Over 100 percent of the company was promised to investors and others.

    Deceiving people is bad. But deceiving people by using an altruistic goal of raising money for children is particularly despicable. Please take care when dealing with Chris or any future company he may become involved in.

    If you have questions, you can contact me and I will do my best to answer them.
    Robin Rushlo

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