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The Domaine Luxury Apartment Home / do not get suckered in by their offer of free rent

1 6400 Windcrest, Plano, TX 75024Plano, TX, United States

Anyone who writes positive reviews of this place works for the company. My husband and I relocated to Plano for work and rented an apt. here to live in while we house hunted. It has been the most miserable experience of our life. Just to name a few problems – 1 - police are here at all hours of the night to break up groups of what look like indigent people outside, 2 - inadequate heating and air so the apt. is always burning hot or freezing cold, 3 - the electric bills are insanely high, 4 - the apt. is not insulated and it is a wind tunnel and sleeping is impossible with the wind and banging noises, 5 - that hot tub they advertise is always cold and dirty, 6 - the gym equipment is useless. The list goes on!!! Do not rent here no matter how much free rent they offer you - and they will - b/c this place is half empty and going under. Notice when they show you an apt. the electricity will be shut off. Just check out their website where they practically beg you to rent here for free rent and check out free the rent signs in front of the complex and check out the young child who holds out free rent signs in the street on the weekends. I am a professional working 50+ hours a week - do you really thing I would spend my Saturday morning typing this if it was not a serious problem. I let myself get suckered by the offer of two weeks free rent b/c I wanted to save money for our house. BAD mistake - trust me - you will end up paying it all backing and losing all kinds of money to the insanely high electric bills. And be careful about the lease - it is not standard language so read it carefully. There is no re-letting fee so if you want out early you cannot pay a re-letting fee you have to buy out the entire lease. Your life will be a nightmare if you rent here!!!

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