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I am writing regarding my stay at the Sterling University Housing Collegiate Residences in Oxford, MS owned by The Dinerstein Companies. I moved in on March 30th 2009 and moved out on July 14th. I am currently working on my PHD in a 6 months exchange program between my University in Brazil and the University of Mississippi. Before moving and choosing to stay in one of this company's residence I specifically requested for female roommates only that were clean and kept quiet after 11 PM. I was told by email that I would be moved to a different unit if I did not get along with my roommates. On late May a new female roommate moved in and she had a boyfriend that was constantly playing video games, was very loud and they were both disorderly. I asked in three different occasions to be moved to a new unit as my previous roommate and her boyfriend were affecting my comfort at home and disrupting my sleep which in turn affected my ability to do my required work. I complained the first time to a girl name Jennifer when I went to the office to pay for my June's rent, about 2 weeks later I went to complain again as I was having trouble sleeping due to loud conversations in their room late at night. Our apartment's common areas were dirty and my roommate's boyfriend was constantly around the house. Jennifer promised to call my roommate but I was still not moved to a new apartment.

On Monday July 13th, I received the devastating news that my mother unexpectedly died of a heart attack. I was extremely upset and even when my supervisor was over to discuss my options, we all kept on hearing my roommate's boyfriend yelling and even cursing loudly in his bedroom. I moved out of my unit on July the 14th and later on the week I faxed the Dinerstein Companies a formal complaint and requested a full refund for the month of July (since I was only there for half the month and to cover my moving expenses). That was a month ago and this company still hasn't agreed to refund my money. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and just want to be treated fairly by this company.

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  • Mc
      Sep 02, 2009

    I think this complaint sounds completely ridiculous. Everyone has bad roommate experiences, no matter where they live. Its something people deal with or they don't. The only way to prevent it is by renting an apartment by yourself or buying a home. If you rent a room and agree to share common areas with an unknown roommate you must expect for something like this happen.

    And you are upset that they didnt refund your money for July when you were there for half the month, gave no notice of your move out and you want them to cover your moving expenses? This is just totally ridiculous and you are lucky if they dont come after you for the rest of the rent that you most likely owe them per your lease agreement. I think if they dont pursue that they are to be commended for having compassion and not enforcing what is most likely an airtight lease agreement.

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