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The Digital Nerds / Beware of this scam company!

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The Digital Nerds -

I order a camera online that was a great price. Later that day I received a phone call from the customer services to call and confirm the order so I did. When I got in touch with service representative he confirmed my order and tried to sale me a battery that last longer than the one that comes with the camera. However the battery he was offering was 4 xs as expensive as any other store. I declined the additional battery. Immediately he stated that the camera is actually back ordered 8 weeks and my order was cancelled, then he hung up. I called him back confused as to what just happened and he stated again that my order was cancelled and hung up again. I called him again asking him to explain why he was selling me a battery if the order was being cancelled anyway. He stated again my order was cancelled and that if I called back again he would charge me a cancellation fee.

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      22nd of Nov, 2007
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    I had a similarly nasty experience with The Digital Nerds. After researching on the internet, I bought a digital camera from the Digital Nerds, as it was priced very competitively. I then received an e-mail asking me to call to confirm the order. When I did, I was told that the memory card & battery that came with the camera was of very low specs, and the telesalesman was very pushy about selling me a high speed memory card (purportedly worth $90) and a 4-5 hr battery (purportedly worth $50) - he said the one that came with the camera only lasted 30 mins - for a package price of $99.99. I was appalled to hear this, and wanted to conduct further research before proceeding with the order - I initially declined and asked to cancel the order. The telesalesman was extremely aggressive which increased my sense of wariness - he threw in a camera case and lowered the price by $20, and he kept insisting that I would not find a better deal anywhere else, and that I would not be able to get the same deal later if I called back. I was trying to browse through the internet as we were speaking and I did confirm that the memory card that came with the camera was indeed limited at 32 MB only. Based on this limited info and in spite of my better judgment, I made a very bad decision to proceed with the order + memory card + battery. Despite the discount, I later found out that I had paid $80 for a memory card & battery that had a combined value of $35. When I called to dispute the purchase, I was passed on to "Customer Service" - who I later concluded was the proprietor, as he indicated that he was "as high as it goes" when I asked to speak to his boss, and that there was nobody higher. He was a most unpleasant individual, he was rude, swore at me, and kept cutting me off as I explained that I had been misled into purchasing $140 worth of products which was only actually worth $35. He kept asking me why I did not complain about the other higher prices on the internet, why I did not complain about Best Buy's prices. He insisted that I was getting an excellent deal, that he was only making a $5 margin on my sale, and that he had already lost money on this sale as he had spent more than 23 mins on the phone to me, and kept threatening to hang up. He insisted that I had the fastest memory card on the market at 25MB read times - I corrected him, saying that I had checked the specs and it only had 4.8MB read speed. He told me that I did not know what I was talking about, and I was one of those customers who will never be happy, that he did not want to business with me any more - that I should return all the goods to him. At that stage I was more than willing to - unfortunately, here is the other snag - he was going to charge me a 20% restocking fee! At the end of the day, I had lost complete trust of this company, and I was not sure if I would ever see my money back if I returned the goods, so I decided to bite the bullet and hang on to the camera.

    Unfortunately, I fell for this trap before I found all these other reviews on the internet of similar bad experiences.

  • Va
      14th of Aug, 2008
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    The Digital Nerds - Low price offer/high price extras
    The Digital Nerds
    United States

    I ordered a camera from online, because they had the lowest price. Next, I received an email from them requesting that I call to confirm my order. When I called, first they tried to sell me additional memory for the camera at an inflated price. When I declined they tried to sell me a larger battery at an inflated price. Each time I declined, they offered the extra item at a lower price. Finally after I declined all extras, they told me the camera was no longer available. Digital Nerds only wants to sell you a new camera if you by their overpriced accessories.

  • Tr
      29th of Apr, 2011
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    The Digital Nerds - Stay away
    The Digital Nerds
    United States

    I purchased a Canon A710 on line from The Digital Nerds( In my email receipt they asked to call them to confirm my order. I dialed the number right away.

    The person on the line confirmed my order and told me that I am missing several accessories. I replied that I am interested only on the camera. He then insisted that I buy their overpriced memory card. When I refused he thanked me for the order and hung up.

    The very next day I got an email from them saying that they are out of cameras and canceled my order.

    I will be checking with my bank tomorrow to make sure that he does not charge my account. I think they are scam artists trying to make money on their overpriced accessories.

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