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The CS Center Inc - Body Lean 2 / Fraudulent Charges

PO Box 901669St George, UT, United States Review updated:
I've received two bottles of Body Lean 2 that I did not order. I'm being charged $69.98 for each shipment.


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  18th of Mar, 2007
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The C-S Center, Inc. - Middleman for keywordsuccess and fastauction
United States

Originally ordered Google disc and Ebay disc @ $1.97 each paid for have been told by credit card many more charges are coming either from or thru this company. None of the other charges were authorized. Cancelled credit card and not much co-operation from this company.
  28th of Oct, 2008
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well, u should have a phone number to call on ur bank statement for the charges, i would call them and ask for a refund if u do not have a the number here it is 866-652-0479 its there customer service number
  30th of Oct, 2008
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I agree with the other comment, before you assume that it is a scam, give the company a call and the chance to let you know why they billed you and sent the product and what they can do for you.
  7th of Nov, 2008
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i got a phone call and recieved my samples they were a little late but i was not charged for monthly supplies cause i just wanted to try it first, but the product works great and i did call back and re-order there number is 866-652-0479 call them they are a great company and will work with u
  1st of Apr, 2009
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Hey there, I just got the phone call, and I DID give them my CC, I too was asked if I'd like to try the "sample" let's hope that I don't have a huge charge on my card! I hope that the product does work and I do in fact recieve a legit sample. I'll post back when I get my bank statement!
  6th of Apr, 2009
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I got charged for the samples and did not get them. Got charged $69.98 twice without my concent. This is a rip-off. I tried to call them and e-mail them. Got nowhere with them.
  9th of Sep, 2009
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I got the same deal. Received a call offering me the "sample". On 6/30 I saw the first "sample shipping charge" $4.87, the second on 7/1 $4.87. On 7/15 they proceeded to debit the account $69.97, 7/16 $69.95 & $29.95, and finally on 7/20 $29.94. I had not yet received any product so called on 7/21 to the 800 number based on my bank statement and was told to go to their website and couldnt sign in with anything I tried. Finally called every number on their website and spoke to someone that explained I should have had the product, been given a week to try and then the charges. WELL...no product, no instruction. The rep agreed and added, "oh we are on backorder" --Didnt you know that when you offered it to me???? The rep offered to credit all the charges but the $4.87 ones. Fine with me, I take that as the loss. Credits to take 30 days. Today is 9/9/09 and I have received one of the $69 credits. So buyers beware!!!
  4th of Nov, 2009
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i got charged by them and i never got body lean 2 i think i signed up for something calledfit zone advanced complex wich i called and canceled however all of a sudden there a $29 dollar charge by this body lean 2 company, either they took CC info from the other guys or someone has my CC however it seems more like the first one reading all these other complaints.
  12th of Apr, 2010
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same thing happened to me.A lady called offering a free trial.Next thing I know my account is being charged $79.95 and I have no clue what for.I DID NOT give them permission to charge my account for anything!This was suppose to be a FREE TRIAL!Beware of anyone giving away free trials.It's really disgusting that these people seem to feel no remorse about just taking money from people.STEALING money from unsuspecting people!
  19th of Apr, 2010
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I just had the same thing happen to me. I was told to pay for the shipping for the sample pack and a week later I was charged 79.00 for each sample! This is B.S.! total scam! dont trust them.
  22nd of Feb, 2011
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I recevied a bottle of body lean for a low price . Then body lean sent me a nether bottle I did not want so I called them they told me to send it back for a refund they took out $179.00 out of my account and said they will put it back when i send them the merchandise back well I sent it back to them then i called them to see what was going on thay said we got it but we will not give you your money back because we are not dealing with the same bank any more so they caused me to loose my account and till this day they keep telling e the same thing so should i turn it over to my attorney or call the better buiness burow i will keep telling every one about this till they give me my money back .

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