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The Credit Land Auto Sales / Worst auto sales experience I have ever encountered

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We bought a 2001 Honda passport in 02/07. By 04/07. 2 months later, the crankshaft broke and needs a new engine. Turns out the engine was either replaced or was worked on and then rod was repaired made to thin and broke. Called several times and first got no response, finally someone called and said they couldn't do anything and referred me to a mechanic they worked with. We have put in $3000.00 before the crankshaft broke just to make it road safe. Upon purchase we were told the front and back brakes and rotors had to be replaced and the ABS needed another $1000.00 to fix. This the worst auto sales experience I have ever encountered and want to give notice to the public as to how they do business. At the time of sale they were helpful and said they would help us with any problems with the car. When I called for help, I was told I did not take the warranty and it's my problem not there's. In other hands had no intentions of helping me ever. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

The Credit Land Auto Sales
2538 Auburn Blvd
Sacramento, CA

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  • Tr
      17th of Jun, 2009
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    I'm sorry Ana, my story is all too similar... I wish there were something we could do. even to have the sales license for this lot revoked. here is my story.

    I wish I had the time to stand outside the credit land car lot and sell lemons. I wish I could warn all of Sacramento about the LEMONS being sold by this lot. I was in the middle of a divorce and My teen age daughter was in a bad car accident and totaled her car. I needed her to have transportation because she was still in school and I have 3 other children that needed to be driven to school, practice, etc. I have a full time job and couldn't do it all myself. The insurance company, of course, didn't give us enough money to buy a used car and my credit was going down the drain quick because of the divorce. I did have enough to make a down payment though. So here we are, 2 women (targets) shopping for a car. I suggested several time that we leave and come back, I wasn't comfortable making this decision, I needed to sleep on it. They were soooooo nice and assuring, even stating that I can bring the car back if there was anything wrong with it. (yes they knew my divorce situation). Well, we got the car home and the first morning, there was a puddle of oil in my driveway, my daughter and I thought this couldn't be so we waited a couple of days. I was, the car leaked oil. I will say that the credit land did take the car back and "fixed" the leak. I would say not a month later, the leak was back and now, her entire dashboard was lit up.. hum seem everything is wrong with the car. Now the credit land won't even look at it. The anti freeze leaks the breaks squeak and the fan (heat and air conditioner) don't work and did, briefly. The icing now is that I'm still making payments on a LEMON, that heated up on the side of the freeway with my 2 scared teenage daughters in it and I have no money for a lawyer. I just wish I had time to sit outside that lot with a bucket of LEMONS selling them for 6K each. Please Please Please take heed to these warnings. My concern is that I don't think many people look at these complaint sites.

  • Am
      16th of Dec, 2009
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    I have to agree on the poor service. I purchased my eclipse there. beautiful car, and was unfortunately involved in an accident shortly there after totalling the car. Come to find out with my insurance company that the title was never switched over and paid. It's been two months and DMV still hasn't heard from them. I am unable to get my licensing fees and registration money back because it was never paid to DMV or the state even though it states it in the contract! Warning, I even bought an awesome, one of a kind car from them, but they are bad business men. Buyer be ware. ~Amy of Grass Valley

  • Co
      31st of Mar, 2011
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    Exact same comment as above. I bought a Lexus SUV from these guys, they said it was clean and working great. I looked at the Car Facts and it looked good. Sure enough, one week later it broke down in Vallejo and I needed a new transmission. $3, 000 fix one week after I just paid $10K for the car. Not sure if there was some foul play, but the car broke down literally less than 7 days after I drove it off the lot is very suspicious. They did help to pay for new transmission, but they had their buddy do the work and I'm sure he kicked them back some money.

    If you asked me if you should buy from this lot, I would say no. You may see a good deal, but it is not worth the risk. Go to a legitimate dealer and save yourself from being out thousands of dollars and no car.

  • Ms
      14th of Oct, 2011
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    I am in the process of taking them to court also. We purchased a 2001 Honda Prelude from them on March 2010. The main reason why we spent $10k on an '01 was because it had low mileage (62k) and it was within KBB's price range. So recently the car starts to overheat (now at "71k miles"). I took it into a shop and the mechanic couldn't seem to find the specific problem but he replaced the carburetor because it was old. He even said that the car has such low miles so this shouldn't be happening and the worst (he didn't want to say), is the engine needing repair. So the car stopped overheating the 1st day and the 2nd day it started to again. I took it back in again and the mechanic had to look at the engine this time. Sure enough, the spark plugs are burnt out (meaning that it's over 100k miles). It appears that the odometer was changed. Who did it, we don't know because DMV has the same mileage recorded however, the dealership should have done a thorough inspection (knowing about the odometer) before they sell it on their lot.
    They have definitely defrauded us and it's a felony to do such thing. Justice needs to be served, big or small. After seeing all of these complaints and on other sites, they definitely need to be put out of business or need to stop this practice. To them, it's all about making that sale. They don't realize how much damage (emotionally and physically) their dishonestly affects another person and not to mention, family.

  • 20
      23rd of Apr, 2015
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    I just bought a 2010 honda civic lx 2 weeks ago, no air bag and transmission was bad, call the credit land to check it out they told me to go in the next day to get it check out. I went the next day, the whole lot was clear out ! KARMA will hit you hard!!! Now I will be spending thousands of dollar to fix this car. I wish I had seen this site sooner.

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