The Commodore on the beach in Galveston, TXhotel safety & cleanliness

This hotel is very unclean. Floors & carpet are really gross. The bathroom was not clean. When we arrived there was hair on the floor and wall. The air conditioner was set on 50 degrees and still did not cool the room. The elevator is a complete hazard. It barely runs and creaks as it does. The door seems like it does not want to open and when it did, was about 3-4 inches from the floor it was supposed to open on. As we were trying to get in, it moved to where it was supposed to be. There is also no ventilation in the elevator and the heat is overwhelming, so if you get stuck in there you may not make it. Very unsafe!!! This place seems very unsafe in general. There are tons of people who come off the street to party in the pool area and we even saw 2 drug deals go done. The security guard on duty is asleep half the time he is in the facility. On the last day we were there, we tried to check out and the women in the office working would not unlock the doors. I really think someone needs to check this business out, because it is a huge safety concern, both by cleanliness and safety (especially the elevator). We would not have stayed the full visit, but we were from out of town and could not get another hotel in the area

May 30, 2018

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