the city of Huntsville Alabama / civil rights violations, coruption, conspericy

1 Huntsville, AL, United States

my name is Ronnie Hopson Sr. i am in dire need of help! i'm being railroaded on a trumped up 3rd degree assault charge. this is what happened. went in to pay a bill. asked the person why there was a dollar more being charged? was told that's what it is. i said that when i'd paid befor, i paid 52 dollars. she called me a lier. i went to my van, got my last receipt. 52 dollars!, she goes off. loadlly saying, " i don't have to do busness with you!" " i'm not taking your money" said i'm not the clint. my father was, and he was out in the van. got him, he's paying his bill, and this women, comes from behind the desk, starts pushing me yelling get out. i push her away from me, and i say " don't touch me, i don't want to hurt you." at this time there were other people in the office and they started to grab hold of me. i look up and here comes this women with her fist balled up . she took a hit and went down, police called. took her statement, i was not arrested at that time! mainly because i was not the aggressor in the altercation. 2 weeks later, i'm called, a warrant has been issued for me! i bond out, as i'm in the process, the magistrate that signed the warrant, say's to me, " i'm the one who issued the warrant, " i said " then you had to see this women push me several times." she say' " yes, but she was trying to get you out of her office!" when she did that, she took away from me, my right to defend myself aginst any perceived threat large or small. it didn't matter, that it was not her place to personally put me out. but the police. it didnt matter to the magistrate that this women was the aggressor, the instigator of the physical altercation. she conspires to have me found guilty, so that this women can take me to civil court and be awarded damages. to make sure that i'm found guilty, my case was to be tried by a judge that i'd had trouble with, from another case where the city was trying to force me to sale my property. she never looked at one pieice of evidence that i presented. i was given 5 day's for contempt of court. i was assaulted by her bailiff. any way, i had 3 lawyers to drop my case, saying that i was being set up. and that i was going to be found guilty period! so when i went to court, i summit ed to an appeal to circuit court. the judge was highly upset she said " WHO TOLD YOU TO SAY THAT< WHO TOLD YOU!" then she said, " had i tried this case, this was what i would have sentenced you to!" that told me that she had found me guilty, without hearing the case! typical for Huntsville. after i had gotten that out of the way, i applied for a public defender, this was back in October sometime. any way, my case is Friday, they called me yesterday afternoon, to tell me that my request was denied! now my case is to be tried by the only other judge that has ruled against me in a small claims court. here a women refused to pay after we had done the work, told the judge that i was using ###ed youth to do the work, that they didn't have water, or food. the judge ruled in her favor, allowing her not to pay " those ###ed kid's for 3 day's work! " that was $900.00 i paid them out of my own pocket. my boy's are at risk youth. and the majority of them have gone on to collage! this judge wouldn't reconize the truth if it bit him on the butt! now some history of my problems here. in 1974, i filed a race relations complaint against Redstone arsenal. the results were that the post inspector general, lost his command, officers lost their commisions, the hospital commander, went to Alaska. the head nurse, the chief ward master, the company commander, the first Sargent along with some civilians lost their jobs. that's when my name, went on the Alabama good old boy's ### list. two weeks after the incident with the city case, my brother was stoped enroute to huntsville er. he was stopped because the tag light was out. 2 hours later, my brother was dead, on the side of the road! the law suit, was dismissed with predigsest. i found falsified medical reports. see when i arrived at the hospital, i got a copy of the ambulance report. it said that the patient was down and unresponsive. but the report from the case, said that my brother walked back to the ambulance, was upbeat. 6 months latter, my brothers only child was shot and killed. there were 3 people in the apartment, one person said " it's my gun" the other person said " i helped clean up!" to this day, the Huntsville police have not made an arrest in that case! when i wanted to buy an RV, i went to Fayettville Tenn. applied for a loan of $25, 000. and was approved within half an hour. i didn't take the loan, the RV wasn't what was advertised. anyway, two weeks later, the motor goes out in the car. i go to Redstone Federal Credit Union in Huntsville. i apply for a loan of $800.00 and within half an hour, i was denied! so i went home got my approved letter from Redstone Federal Credit Union in Tenn., and went back to the one here! i said you can explain it to me or my attorney. the lady took both letters to make a copy she said. she was gone 20 min. when she came back, she set down and asked me " how would you like that mr. Hopson, is $40.00/ month ok with you? see this is the only way that i can conduct business. oh, befor i forget this. i started a trucking company k.g.i.m. however, my truck was vandalized sometime latter. police reports were made. i took my truck to Lott's repaire. was told by them that the motor had damage, the cost to fix was $4, 500. dollars. had meeting with insurance agent and staff of the repaire shop. no agreement, go to court. now months have passed, my truck is torn apart sitting on the yard at Lotts. on the stand in court, lotts say's there was'nt that much wrong with the truck, they saw an opportunity to make some money so they said that it needed to be overhauled. then the insurance company say's on the stand, that the truck was'nt worth what they appraised it for. they appraised it for that so that they could charge higher monthly payments. all of that was ok! no theift by deception? nothing. i was given a check for $1, 800.00 for my truck. when i went to get my truck, Lott's wanted $10.00/ day for storage. 7 months. they kept the truck. that was my first business dealings with Huntsville. i saw then how corrupt it is here. someone please help me. they are trying to get me in jail, to have me killed! you know how it's done, place me in with those who do the dirt, they are going to die in prison they have nothing to lose. are you aware of the number of dead black men that are found by the railroad tracks after 12:01 am here? having just been released from jail! please dont kick this to the side thank's

Feb 20, 2013

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