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The Car Company


Automobile scam

Complaint Rating:  95 % with 19 votes
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Contact information:
The Car Company
3932 w old 30, warsaw, in
Warsaw, Indiana
United States
Phone: 574-269-3637
My husband and I contacted the car company about a vehicle that they had on their website for sale. We had 2 trades with the deal and spoke with the salesman about the transaction prior to making the hour and a half drive from our home. We negotiated a deal on our trades based on what other dealers were willing to give us and agreed upon $8500 and $9000 for both of our used cars. We also negotiated the price of the two vehicles we were wanting to purchase and were told both cars were available and that the prices we negotiated were acceptable. We drove to the warsaw location and found neither of the vehicles were there. We waited 4 hours for the cars to come and they never showed up. We were told that if we left they would call us when the cars came in and that the deal was still on the table. I told the salesperson that my husband was there to sign the papers only and that I would be the one doing the negotiations. With my young daughter in tow I decided to go to my mothers house which was only 30 minutes away and wait for the call. 2 hours later my husband called that they had contacted him to come and sign the paperwork. My daughter was napping, so after 6 hours of patiently waiting I wanted to get the deal done and go home to my other children. I talked on the phone with the salesman who assured me they were still giving us what we asked for our trades of $17, 500 and that the prices negotiated would still stand., but that the one car we initially wanted had been sold that morning...hmmm. Well, this is where it all begins. They convinced my husband that they could get a better one of the same car from auction and we would have it within 2 days. We would keep the one car until that came in. We agreed. The price for the one at auction was a little higher than the one I had saw and drove there for, but it was after all what we wanted. I talked to them and made sure of the total amount of the deal to be $30, 000 for 2 cars and our trades paid off in full. They agreed! Of course, they told my husband they talked to me and we were ready to sign. Only to find out when he got home that they had only given us $11000 for our trades and had charged us $40, 000 for the two cars. I was SHOCKED! I called them immediately and said that I would not accept the car from auction unless we got our $6000 back. The finance manager spoke with the salesman and found that he had told me that and in fact that he had done the same thing to several other people...he assured me we would get our money. The owner was out of town and needed to authorize the money transfer, since one of our cars had sold that day. When the owner arrived he completely denied my request and said that we signed the papers and he didnt have to give us anything. I was devistated. The finance manager had already cut a check for $2000, so of the $6000 all we got back was $2000. We were out the $4000 and were told there was nothing else we could do. The day I came to pick up my car 2 other people were in there throwing fits about the same thing happening to them. I have not had contact with them since then, and never will again. Please beware of these "bait and switch" dealers and watch your paperwork carefully. We walked away from there feeling betrayed, dirty and completely taken advantage of. Please dont let this be you!!!
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D  30th of May, 2010 by    +1 Votes
So you, and a few other people, are ### because you didn't read the contracts you signed? When it comes down to it, all the haggling means nothing once you put your pen to paper to seal the deal. The retail installment contract (the long form) is a pretty easy form to understand, and there's another sheet which summarizes the loan. Both of these require your signature and/or initials, so you honestly have no one to blame but yourself.
D  1st of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
i walked into the car company looking to help a friend buy a used ford truck, as i walk in i realized that these salesman do not carry the reputation of being deceiving, sneaky, and just wanting your money. me and my friend where helped within minutes of walking through the front doors. when we sat down with the salesman he made us fell like my friend and i where talking to a friend. he took us outside and showed us the truck immediately. as i was looking through the truck i found that everything was clean and was in the condition just as it was listed on the website. we bought the truck for a very fair price and have not had any problems with it. so if you want to be put in a comfortable and friendly environment then i would definitely come to this dealership over any other
D  11th of Jun, 2012 by    -1 Votes
you cant complain about the car company or its employees. all they try to do is help you with finding a car or anything else you need. so if you had a bad experience then you were hard to work with.
N  18th of Sep, 2012 by    -1 Votes
it was more than likely all a lie they lied to me an to the bank about things that i supposedly said to them
N  4th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
OMG!!! It is plain to see that these guys WORK for the Car Company!!! I have never seen ANYONE who says they did not try to cheat them!!!
A  4th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
Our experience was not a good one. My wife went through all of the wheeling and dealing. Got financed and on Friday they shook her hand and said "enjoy your new car." MONDAY they called and told us that the financing...(that we already signed all the paper work for and was approved) fell thru, and that we needed to come up with $500 for a down payment. I told them to jump in the lake.
They demanded the car back that after noon. I refused, telling them that we had dropped the insurance on her Blazer and also filled the car with gas. I would return it the next day, and they could SHOVE their car! An hour later they call back and say "I talked to the manager and he is willing to eat $250 of the $500. I said NO WAY! They could have their damn car back. Another hour goes by and guess what?? They called me and had decided to eat the WHOLE $500. What a miracle eh?? Funny thing is...we never had to go back in and sign for a loan with another company! So...I guess our financiong did NOT fall thru after all. They just wanted the cash!! At least three other friends have experienced the same thing with them. The one even lost her trade in because they had "already sold it!" Stay away at all costs.
N  12th of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
How many of you defending Car Company are actually "employees" or friendly foes of the company writing your bogus comments simply to just balance the scales of the negative publicity the Car Company received on this site. Truth of the matter is...most all places anymore are not honorable, respectful, honest..."got your Best interest in mind" companies, but just the opposite...sale, sale, deceive, manipulate, deceive, sale, make profit...at any cost. And if an arrangement faults ...DENY ...DENY...DENY
D  7th of Aug, 2014 by    0 Votes
we had an excellent mini van buying experience here at the car company in warsaw. we got more for our trade in than was offered at the other dealerships we tried to make a purchase at. thanks again.
N  4th of Sep, 2014 by    0 Votes

The Car Company - No Complaint
The Car Company
1914 Lincolnway E Goshen, In.
United States
Phone: 5745349595

After seeing a car on their website, I went into their store and found out the car was actually $2000 more than what was on the website. They showed me that the Internet price reflected price after down payment. After a little back and forth I got a great deal.
A  12th of Sep, 2014 by    0 Votes
This dealer is a joke! I bought a truck online from them (yeah I know, my fault, cant trust anyone)- it showed up in my driveway with a giant ugly graphic down the whole side of it that was not in the pictures! This of course was added onto the truck to hide some terrible body and paint work that I was not made aware of AFTER I ASKED ABOUT ANY DAMAGE...I fumed at the manager on the phone-he "thought someone told me about the added graphics package" I then drove the truck for 100 miles and found that it needed 2 GRAND worth of repairs to the front linkages, brakes, rotors AFTER I ASKED IF THE TRUCK WAS IN GOOD WORKING ORDER...now 1.5 years later I have invested over 7000 in repairs to this lemon- exhaust manifolds, transmission filler tube, calipers, tie rods, ball joints ..These guys are as slippery as they come!!

A  27th of Feb, 2016 by    0 Votes
The car company in warsaw indiana are a bunch of con artists. I made an appointment to see a certain car the day before. My wife and I drove over one hr to see it. When we got there the salesman said we must have sold it. So, ok. We looked around and found another car that we liked so agreed to take a test drive. After a credit check and waiting for another 55 min our salesman brought different car around for us to test drive(different color, not even close to what we told him we wanted) we were supposed to take whatever he brought up from the lot. The salesman could not understand why I was upset. It was extremely rude and degrading. We will never go back.
A  27th of Feb, 2016 by    0 Votes
This is the WORST dealership in the country!!
A  1st of Nov, 2016 by    0 Votes
Went in the to get a truck. Test drove 1 over night it had issues so I declined. Tried to force me into something I did not want. I left the keys to my mustang gt with salesman Adam Terwilliger and when I decided I was not gonna buy from him because I didn't care for my options he became very rude and told me to kick rocks. Then told me to get a real job and make some money.. I make $650 a week bring home lol. So I went and dumped his cards out on his desk since he wanted to be childish. So I went and got in my mustang and the ebrake was set. I never ever use my ebrake which tells me he went out joy riding in my car. I then went in and asked who the he'll was driving my car. They lied to my face and told me noone. Then it got ugly and the little smart mouth twerp had better be glad he had people there. Long story short take a pic of your odometer or don't leave your car there over night. The place is a joke and very rude if you decline what they offer.
N  22nd of Apr, 2017 by    0 Votes
Tina Mikel

My daughter foolishly went here alone to buy her first car last week. She found something on the lot that she wanted to test drive. She said the salesman that accompanied her wouldn't let her go much past the parking lot. He told her that it was almost out of gas so they couldn't go any farther. Since she didn't know that there is a gas pump on the premises, she didn't question it. Instead, she proceeded with the sale. A manageable payment was quoted to her. However, when it was time for her to sign the paperwork, it had been typed up with a much higher amount. She pointed this out and they insisted that the bank would not finance an amount any less than that. She insisted she could not afford a higher amount. When their pressuring was unsuccessful, they finally drew up new paperwork with the figures that had originally been discussed. After three and a half hours, she was given the keys and left. She drove it for just two days and it broke down on her. While stranded, a couple stopped to check on her. They told her that they had also bought a car there. The transmission went out on it the very next day. They told her to call the dealership and they should tow and repair it for her. So she took the couple's advice and contacted them the next morning. She was told that someone would be out within a half hour to look at it. I waited with her for four hours and no one ever showed up or called. If that wasn't bad enough, she received a call from them yesterday. The man she spoke with told her that he had gotten her message about being broken down but they were not finding her vehicle where she told them it would be. She told him it was no longer there because she had called two days earlier. She continued to tell him that she had found someone else to fix it since they never showed up like they said they would. To which he was quick to tell her that they are the only place in Warsaw that can service her make of vehicle. There was no apology or anything for being a no show. There seemed to only be the attitude that, since there is no one else in town that works on that make, the customer has no other choice but to settle for them. They are sorely mistaken. They won't ever get any repeat business or good referrals from us.

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