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Ordered a camera from The Camera Professionals. Went through all the hoopla of confirming the next day and was told it was in stock and I should receive within 4 days. Hadn't heard from the company for over a week, meanwhile they had my money. They do not respond to e-mails nor are they open per hours posted on their website. Purchased a camera from CC and had to return, got a refund minus restocking fee on account that I finally was able to speak to someone and finding out that my camera had been shipped. Prior to not knowing if the camera was shipped, I went to my bank in an attempt to stop payment after e-mailing The Camera Professionals to cancel my order. Received my camera today and it was not new. Upon opening the outer carton, inside was a white box. For those of you savvy shoppers know, anything in a white box is not new and most likely a refurbish. The camera was taped in a sheet of bubblewrap. The tape is of the cheap variety that you can find for 50 cents a roll. This was inserted into a poly bag with the same tape. The strap was also taped using the same. The battery was used evident by wear contact marks. Tje camera LCD has a blemish on it. Manuals were present however no warranty card. Does this not raise a red flag? I have e-mailed the company, which bythe way is Mega Wholesale and the name of the sender is Simon Silver (probably fictitious). I doubt that they will respond to my e-mail and those of you that have dealt with this company know how difficult it is to speak with anyone. To make a long story short, if you are lucky they will send you a Return Authorization and pay the shipping charges plus a minimum 15% restocking fee on a used camera. On another note I would advise you to close your debit card after the transaction goes through. Read the many complaints online regarding this company which also has 3 other names. If I could, I would post pictures of the box and contents. Companies such as this should be closed and not be able to take advantage of consumers. It is too late for those of us that have already been duped and stuck with shoddy merchandise.


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  • Pa
      Apr 22, 2008
    The Camera Professionals - Fraud / Illegal Company
    The Camera Professionals .com
    1151 McDonald Avenue
    New York
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I recently tried to buy a Nikon D60 from these guys, I bought it, then tried calling them to get more information on my order, but couldn't.

    I called them and got a person asked about the Nikon D60, and they hung up on me.
    Tried it again, called them asked about the Nikon D60, and they hung up on me.
    Tried it for a third time, and they hung up on me.

    I finally gave up and called my credit card company to decline any charges from the company..

    If anyone has some free time, and wants to have some fun, call [protected] which is their customer service number, press 1 and then 1, and just ask about the Nikon D60. without fail they will hang up on you. If you want to have more fun, when you get a rep, swar at them, one word will do. You will be in for a treat. You will get everything from foul language to racist comments from the rep. I call on a daily basis, it's pretty fun.

    One way to screw them for screwing me...

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  • Jo
      May 25, 2008

    YES they are rediculous. They advertised a camcorder for $979 and when i purchased it i called them to confirm my order they said they didnt have the camera but i could buy a bundle package for $2, 000. then i said. No, i would like to get the camera i paid for and only the camera i paid for. and he said "well how much do you want to spend for a professional camera? and i said "WELL, WHAT YOU ADVERTISED AS THE PRICE." and he hung up on me. then i called back and he said "whats the retail price of the camera? and i said "well MORE THAN WHAT YOU ADVERTISE" and he said "sir. $2700. " and i said "WELL THEN DONT ADVERTISE THE CAMERA AS $979. thats false advertisement and im going to report them to the better business bureau. then he hung up on me again.

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  • K2
      Aug 26, 2008
    The Camera Professionals - Unprofessional!!!
    United States

    I was about to purchase the Sony HDR-SR12 from this company due to the incredibally low price until I decided to do some further investigation which led me to this site. There were numerous complaints about this company including several that indicated that low prices were due to the company actually opening the product packaging and "piece mealing" the contents. You can buy the product at a low price but you won't be able to use it until you purchase an "accessory package" that, essentially, gives you back what you were supposed to get in the fully packaged product and a few low-end junk items to make you feel like you really got a deal.

    I was surprised to find that they didn't mislead me when I called and asked whether the product available online was the fully packaged product with all accessories. I waited on hold for about 3 minutes, a quick switch to the live line and held for another 30 seconds and a woman answered. I asked my question and she immediately forwarded my call to someone else. A man picks up, I ask the same question and he quickly responds with "No, that would cost $1, 099." I went with that and began to mention that there was no option to get the fully packaged product online when I noticed about two words into my sentence that I had been hung up on.

    These people are anything but professional. I don't know that you're actually getting a new product either (as the website states that all products are brand new). I'm beginning to believe that they're possibly refurbs or that you're actually getting a product that they unpackaged to sell the individual pieces. Is that even legal?

    If you're looking for a good online vendor of camera/camcorder equipment with good prices, I've had much luck with I think they're far more professional and their prices have been the best that I've found online. In fact, I'm going to make my camcorder purchase with them.

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