The Brick Vaughan / salesperson not honouring promise to return mattress-unethical behaviour

1 Vaughan, ON, Canada

Hi I have also left a voice message with my compliant on the main number in Edmonton. On Oct 16, 2018 at the Vaughan store 137 Chrislea Rd store.

Sales person Belinda A . sold me a full size mattress #015D order number # 10168H1WEWZ she told me if I purchased the mattress cover Bambfupr #0689 I would have no problem returning the mattress if I changed my mind only if I have purchased the mattress cover this would be allowed otherwise without the cover no return would be allowed.

When I was paying Belinda typed in the comments final sale and I asked why is this comment being entered, she said in case of our VIP sale you will not be able to get this mattress at a lower cost . I said thats fine but it will not be a problem if I need to return the mattress worried that I would have a problem. She said again no as long as you have purchased the mattress cover your fine. At that time there was another salesman near her and I asked him regarding this policy and he said yes just buy the cover unfortunately I did not get his name.

I returned the unopened box of mattress and cover 4 days later and they would not take back the two items they said it states on my bill Final Sale I explained what Belinda said and they said No returns allowed, I mentioned that the mattress box was not even opened as well as the mattress cover they argued back NO.

I called Belinda A on Fri Oct 26 @ 12:45 I gave her my order number and started to explain the situation and she immediately said she was busy and would call back in 5min. She never called back.

I am absolutely dissatisfied with The Brick's unprofessional behaviour and service and am quite disgusted with Belinda lying to my face . I have shopped at The Brick for the last 25 years and am a loyal customer. I just had my son purchase all his new furniture for his new house this past April 2018. I will make sure I never purchase another item at The Brick and spread the word to family and friends.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience to resolve this upsetting issue.
Ioana Battista

Oct 26, 2018

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