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The Brick / terrible customer service!

1 3451 Sunridge Way N.E.CALGARY, Alberta, Canada Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (403) 726 6200

Purchased a furniture set from the brick in early september, delivery was delayed till end september. The order was received not complete, with one chair missing parts. Got 3 redeliveries for the same product and each time piece was missing. Send e-mail early december advising brick, the set was incomplete and to advice payment options or arrange immediate delivery.

No response on payment but since early december they were trying to complete the set. Received calls daily from hsbc demanding payments and interest charges or risk turning it over to collection agents. Contacted all levels of the brick to ensure set completed for immediate payment, brick refused anything regarding payment as they have been paid by hsbc and they concern now is to only look at replacement of one chair.

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  • Ma
      6th of Jul, 2007
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    Purchased an LG dishwasher June/06. Nightmare stared. Started having trouble with the dishwasher weeks after hookup. Had the electronic panel, dishsoap dispenser and blower replaced. Now the motor has gone (11 months old) and that was 2 months ago. I have had to take 4 days of my holidays from work to wait for Trans Global repair tech's, if I'm not waiting for them to come, I'm waiting for them to replace parts. This time when the motor went I wanted the dishwasher replaced. I waited for 6 week for them to decide what they were going to do, finally they told me they would not replace it but fix it. I'm still waiting. I call Trans Global (who is owned by the Brick) several times a day, waiting hours on hold and when a leave a message no one ever returns my call. We are going on 9 weeks now. The Brick Premium Protection Plan which we purchased is a big joke what a waste of money. Protects you from nothing. We are current in the process of replacing the dishwasher ourselves (from Trail Appliance) and letting our lawyer deal with the Brick and Trans Global. Would not recommend anyone to buy appliances from The Brick and certainly not anything manufactured by LG.

  • Bo
      26th of Jul, 2008
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    I agree 100%. Transglobal sucks. My Neptune top loading washer overflowed causing thousands of dollars damage to my finished basement. An experienced tech could not find the problem with the machine. They took the machine to their shop and still could find no problem. Two techs from the company stated that they would not put this machine back in their own home. I called Transglobal and was informed that I only had a "repair only" policy at which time I quoted their replacement policy which I purchased from them and I had it and would fax it to them if they wished. They then skirted around that with a load of hogwash. I was then told by a Transglobal manager that the machine would be repaired and that's final. I said "How can you repair a machine when you don't know what is wrong with it and even the tech says that even if fixed he would not put it in his house"? Her response was that they will repair the machine rather than replace it. I then realized I was talking to a managerial repeating policy automated imbecile that draws a salary from Transglobal. The technician advised that he had ordered 4 parts which were backordered on a discontinued machine which may take up to six weeks to obtain. He wants to replace all the parts that water goes through, but not the computer with the automatic water level sensor which he advises "could" be the problem. I don't blame the tech as he is following this idiotic decision from Transglobal who are going to pay 850 dollars to fix an 1100 dollar machine that they cannot pinpoint the problem.
    I went to the Brick in Belleville, Ontario, where I purchased the machine and spoke to the manager Mr Ken Wells who is a very personable and caring man. We explained the problem we were having with Transglobal and he did not say much in this regard but in my opinion I don't think he was impressed with Transglobal. Mr Wells immediately looked after our problem in a very generous way and we now have a brand new machine of equal value, delivered within 3 days to our house. All I can say is that The Brick manager, Mr Wells, took excellent care of us and restored our faith that there are decent people out there who are willing to work with you.

    As for Transglobal they can kiss my &%#. The Brick should find another warranty company to deal with. If you do buy from the Brick, I suggest you do not buy the Transglobal warrant because it sucks. Shop around other warranty companies and take one out with them.

    Again a heartfelt thanks to the Belleville Brick.

  • Ee
      22nd of Aug, 2008
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    Purchasing appliances at the Brick should be avoided at all costs! What a nightmare to deal with incompetent customer service personnel.

  • Br
      9th of Oct, 2008
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    About three years ago I bought a three piece living room leather set that happened to have a promotion offering a free Panasonic TV. I also bought there 5 year Blanket Warranty. About a year after have the couch we noticed some peeling and called customer service. After several attempts they stated it was unrepairable and would replace the sofa. Three months later we did get a new sofa... not bad. Fast forward a two years and several service calls for the cheap TV. I called the Brick Customer Service because the same type of peeling was occurring on the sofa and now the love seat. A technician comes out says they will repair it this time. After no calls for 2 weeks I follow up with them only to be advised that because there was a cat scratch 5 feet away from the peeling part of the couch that the warranty is void and until I pay to have those scratches repaired this conversation is over. Like a sucker I pay a company to come in and repair the 2 cat scratches. It then took one and half months and five calls to customer service stating "I fixed the scratches now can the Brick fix my furniture" politely of course. I never was called back and each time I called they had no record of my previous calls. Finally a furniture consultant comes by the house to inspect and deems the peeling and flaking unrepairable. Why did I spend $150 on cat scratch repairs if they were gonna scrap the furniture anyways? I followed up with the Brick a week later and with little fuss they agreed to exchange the furniture (Couch and Loveseat) for something of equal or lesser value in the store. My wife and I rush to the Brick the same night while thinking this is too good to be true, it was. Because the original purchase gave me a free TV, in order to reselect a piece I like I would owe them for the TV. I have read the fine print on the 5yr Blanket warranty and it does not mention anywhere that if the furniture was part on a promotion(free TV) that you will be limited reselecting only other cheap TV bundled furniture. Even though the price of the New Couch and Loveseat is the same as the purchase price of the old. Everything to do with this store post purchase is the worst customer experience I have had in my life.

  • Lu
      9th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    HORRIBLE SERVICE, we bought furnature for our entire house and EVERY piece was damaged...WTF

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