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The Brick / false advertising and bait and switch games!

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Not one to usually complain, I just thought I would log this one with someone, in hope that something comes of it, and perhaps the brick furniture company is held accountable.

The brick furniture company, a national chain advertised in their flyer for the labor day weekend, saturday sept 1st two items. A prima 26" lcd tv for $249. It was a door crasher. When I got to the store and ask the salesman if he had any left, he looked at me and pointed to a pile of soya tv's at $488. When I questioned him, about the ones for $249 he quickly replied oh that, well that was a mis-print. I believe there was a disclaimer published about that. (Note: I checked their store and their flyer and the local paper the flyer came in, and found no disclaimer.

Anyway I then asked him about the bbq they had on sale for $44. He had to look it up on the computer, and then said oh we have none, and looks like none came in. My complaint is simple. It appears that they regularly do this kind of bait and switch routine, and are not too concerned about it. I left with the impression, that this is part of the game, but really this is just simply deceptive marketing.

What can be done to stop these guys and I am sure others from doing this? Plz advise smb!


Al turcotte
Pembroke ontario
K8a 1r7

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  • Na
      6th of May, 2008
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    Geeze you sound like you have never made a mistake, I have seen lots of adds that turned out to be wrong, or misprinted, the notices are all over the store and on the doors as you enter, next time try looking around and keep in mind that even you are not perfect

  • Ly
      21st of May, 2008
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    I have had a few less costly and one very costly experiences with the brick
    I bought two very expensive recliners, about 1, 000.00each after 3 months the mechanisms where shot. I am not a big person and since they where only used by my husband and myself they did NOT take any rough use. I called to have a service man come to the house, which took months, the mechanisms where eventually replaced by just as bad crap which only lasted again a few months. By this time the Brick claimed the one year warranty on these barely used pair of chairs was at an end. JUNK... second time stupid I purchased a leather couch and loveseat. Top of the line, I was told, will last a lifetime. I paid the premium price of 4, 000.00 for both pieces. Two weeks later the set was on for half price!
    I spoke to "the manager" who said begrudgingly that he would honour the sale price. Since I bougt on the no-money down deal, he said I would see the adjustment on my next statement. I did not. I called the store and asked to speak with the manager, Guess what ! new manager in the store. I was handed this line of BS for about 2 months. I finally went to the store in person and requested the adjustment be made to my account while I was present. by now the furniture was no longer on sale and the NEW manager says " oh that set would never go on sale, you must be mistaken" I don't think so, I sit on it everyday. The only thing I was mistaken on was the credability of this scam show.

    The Brick gets a big thumbs down from this girl. Third time shopping and I tried Leons...we'll see.

  • Sa
      1st of Aug, 2009
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    With 220 stores across the country and literally millions of flyers made and printed daily it is expected that once in a while there may be some mistakes. These mistakes are generally caught right away and The Brick is LEGALLY required to post a correction notice in thier store, which is done on a regular basis.

    As for the 44$ BBQ's that aren't available. Do you honestly believe that every store has a manufacturing company in their basement? No, all of the product comes from across the world and only some large metropolitan cities have distribution centers. Those BBQ's were probably sold out considering the fact that people line up outside in the early hours of the morning to purchase door crasher items.

    This "bait and switch" technique that you speak of is a regular occurance in ALL BUSINESSES. For ANY business to be able to print such a low cost item there has to be ONLY ONE in all of North America. Every single car dealership as well as furniture stores and other retailers use this technique. It is called "fishing" and it even taught in marketing classes in Universities.

    Before going to any store and blaming the employees and managers of "lying" to you, I suggest you further educate yourself on marketing techniques and maybe realize that you cannot always get what you want.

  • Re
      30th of Jan, 2010
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    try openning up a future shop flyer then open up your local paper. Check out this site for leons
    i got to agree with Sarah onthis one...

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