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The Brick / I will never again shop at the brick

1 Barrie, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

OnMarch 29 I purchaced a sofa and loveseat from the Brick in Barrie Ontario.It was set for delivey in 10 days.Ya right, Two weeks after that the sofa arrived, no loveseat, it was backordered.I was told it would arrive a week lter.Ya right!Two weks and a damaged on at that. I called them and was told they would send a new one two weeks later. The day came and went, no phne call no delivery. I called them again and was told there was no garuntee of delivery, not what the customer service rep told me.I told them to send an empty truck and pick up both pieces, i no longer wanted to deal wth them. I was told that they dont do refunds. Now they will have one for me tomorrow. Bull ###...I want to be compensated but they offered nothin. I am now dealingwith head office. This has been a nightmare.Bottom line...go to Leons..never agoin will I shop at the Brick.

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  • An
      11th of Jun, 2008
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    The brick is the worst shop i have ever been too.I bought a chest drawer in Scarborough along Kennedy Road.It was on sale as there was a slight damage.I told the sales person Mohammed to pick it the next day.I paid $50 for the rent of the van to pick up the item.When we arrived at the shop.We waited for almost 40minutes.With my dismay, the manager by the name of Martin Patterson told us that the salesman made a mistake by selling us the item.Martin told us that the chest drawer doesnt belong to them.Its from another branch.Which is ridiculous because why put it on sale in their shop if it they don't own it.We were told by Mr Patterson to call him the next day and said "See what i can do" I was hoping that because of their mistake, they might consider delivering the item for free.Well, when i called the next day, i spoke to Mr Patterson (the useless and stupid manager) He told me that the item is not ready yet and he wont delivery the product i purchased.Since i saved money as it was on sale.he said he will not deliver it.He said my only option is to refund or pick up the item.Two days passed since i spoke to a useless manager, i never heard anything from THEBRICK OR SHOULD I CALL THEM THEPRICK. Because they are all bunch of idiots and all of the salesman are ###.Once they got the money form you, they don't care anymore.I called Mr Patterson (the ### manager) to arrange for Sunday to pick up the chest drawer.He said "Didn't anyone call you yet?I feel like swearing at him on the phone but i kept my temper.Its pointless to speak to him.
    Anyhow, to all of you planning to buy from THEBRICK, don't even think about it.THEY HAVE NO VALUE FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND ALL OF THEIR EMPLOYEES ARE UNPROFESSIONAL.The manager Mr Patterson should resign from his job and look for a janitorial job at Mcdonald.Or maybe he needs to go back to nursery school and learn the value of treating people fairly
    I know that karma will struck on him soon and i promised myself, never to step on that shop and i will take every effort to tell all Canadians not to buy from THE BRICK, WELL LETS CALL THEM THEPRICK!!!

  • Ex
      9th of Oct, 2010
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    Despite people telling me not to purchase from The Brick, I did anyways because they had really awesome deals but not I REGRET it. Ordered everything for my new home in Barrie, ON back in August 2010 and it is now October 9, 2010 and I'm missing pieces of one bedroom set!!! They keep saying it's back ordered and will send ASAP. Still's RIDICULOUS!! Don't buy anything from there!!! How can you send storage drawers for the bed but no BED? They seriously suck and customer service is CRAP. Spend your money elsewhere!

  • Ma
      3rd of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    The [censor], lol. Now that's funny. I'm not a fan of their customer service, but trust me, I've seen worse (e.g. La Vie Furniture - their specialty is rudeness and cheap quality). I have yet to try Leon's. Bottom line is, once you exchange money with these furniture companies, you seldom get what you paid for.

  • Do
      10th of Jul, 2013
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    Brick is good company, i used to buy furniture from them, just currently i am downsize to condo now, their price is good, very good, but style is a little bit old for house only. i retired, and down size to condo now with my hubby, we have to shop for small nice design furniture, i recomend la vie furniture, i made purchase from them, and they are a very good group person, from sales to delivery.

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