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The Bethany Group/Tuscany Palms / Security Deposit

1 901 South Country Club DriveMesa, AZ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 480-844-8199

I've also had issues with Tuscany Palms and agree with the things that were said by David. I also didn't get the apartment that I was shown when I first toured the complex. In fact, my apartment ended up being a lot smaller than the one I saw during my initial tour. When I went back to fill out an application and sign my lease, I was told that there are 3 sizes of apartments and the one I looked at was the "middle-sized" one bedroom, but they didn't have any available at the time I was going to move in. They told me the one that was available previously had already been rented and since I had not put down a deposit when I was there the first time, it was rented to another person since they had "cash in hand". I was also told that I needed a co-signer because of my credit (no surprise there) but that the co-signer would only need to fill out the application and provide a contact number they could contact them at, in case I didn't pay my rent they could call this other person to try to reach me. When I went over to sign the lease I found out this person would actually be listed as a co-tenent and had to go through the entire application process just like I did. She also had to be put down a security deposit just like I did. I covered her deposit since I felt like they had already been difficult enough with getting the application completed so I could move in. Of course I didn't find out about this "co-tenet" thing until when I went to sign the lease - the day before I was supposed to move-in. So they had me trapped because I was already packed & ready to move and had already put in notice at my previous complex that I was moving out, so I didn't have any choice be to go ahead with their demands.

My apartment was also not clean and was really barely above "slum lord" standards. There was dried feces in the toliet that I spent 2 days scrubbing out (with gloves on of course). The tub was rusted through by the drain, the sink was rusted through. The mirror above the sink was cracked and also scratched and would not come clean. I found dead cockroaches in the medicine cabinet (that should have been my first clue), the sink in the kitchen leaked, the dishwasher overflowed on the floor the first time I used it, only one burner worked on the stove & the oven burned everything that I tried to bake in it, even when I turned down the heat 100 degrees! I did finally get a "new" stove/oven - but it wasn't really new - just one they took from out of another apartment that was in a little better shape than mine. All the burners worked, but it set-off the smoke detector everytime I used it & it was not because of my cooking!! It took me almost 2 years to get the sink fixed in the kitchen. The toliet never did flush very well & they never fixed that and they never fixed the tub or anything else. Oh, and the heat & AC system never worked right. I spent 18 months finally getting that taken care of! Finally I just gave up and counted the days until I could move out. I did sign another lease after my first year - BIG mistake, but I thought things were going to be cleaned up as the Bethany Group had just taken over the complex (it was owned by someone else when I first moved in). They appeared to be cleaning things up and they did evict some people and tow away some cars that had just been abandoned in the parking lot. That was the size of their clean-up project. It lasted about a month and then went back down hill again. The cops were there every weekend, I was robbed just outside my apartment and the bugler took my car, so I guess you could say I was carjacked as well. There was also a "gang" shooting in the parkinglot behind my apartment. Apparently the 2 girls that were in the apartment above me belonged to a gang & they had a run-in with another gang one night at a bar. So the gang followed them home and then went back to get reinforcements and came to the complex and started shooting. Fortunatly no one was hit, but I have never been so scared in my life. Fortunately & unfortunately my parents were there visiting for the weekend. I think they wondered about what type of place I was living in. I move out about 3 months late My apartment became infested with cockroaches and despite my repeated complaints, they never came to spray. I also had a flood - a pipe broke in the apartment above me and water came into mine through the vents in the ceiling. It soaked the carpet in my entire apartment. It took me 3 days to get them to come and dry out the carpets and clean up the mess. It also pealed the texture off the walls in the hallway and my bedroom. It took 3 months & a threat from an attorney to get that fixed. All I can say is I'm glad to be out of there. But, like David, I'm still waiting for my security deposit back. I moved out in January of this year. I've filed a complaint with Renter's Rights and am now consulting with an attorney to see if anything can be done. My deposit was only a small amount, so I won't be out a lot of money if I don't get it back - its more the principle of the matter. I brought in 2 people to help me and we scrubbed and scoured that place for 2 days so I could make sure I got my deposit back. I didn't want them blaming any of their mess on me! I even rented a carpet cleaner and tried to steam-clean & shampoo the carpets. But they were so rotten that when I ran the cleaner over them, it ripped up the carpet!

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