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The Bethany Group/Aldenridge / Deposits

1 Clarkston, GA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 770-938-1241

I was forced to move in November 2008 because a vehicle ran into my apartment. The complex did not help with my move or compensate me. My $250 deposit was supposed to be refunded to me but hasn't been. I have made numerous attempts in writing, over the phone, and in person to get my money back to no avail. On several occasions I've been told that the check is in the mail but that was a lie. I'm not sure what I can do to get my money back.

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  23rd of Oct, 2008
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The Bethany Group in Arizona does not refund your security deposit, they keep all your money. You
leave the apartment in good clean condition, complete your lease agreement and in return you get nothing not even a returned phone call. Just big fat lies!!! They have 13 apartments located in the Phoenix area... BEWARE do not rent from them. The attorney generals office is investigating.

  29th of Oct, 2008
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I recently received a copy of my credit report ans it shows that I oe Alden Ridge Apartments $2, 474. I have been trying for the last 2 1/2months to get a copy of a roommate release form that I signed back in 2006 removing my name from this lease. This information should not be on my credit. I spoke with Rhonda (Property Manager), Tammy, and a former employee named Denise and no one has been able to locate this file. There computer records do even go back to 2006 so it doesn't show that I even lived on the property. I need help in resolving this situation. Can someone please email me.

  12th of Dec, 2008
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I am in South Carolina I own a cleaning business and did work for the bethany group @ woodland villlage apts to the tune of 6277$and have judgement against them for it and still cant get paid they are cheating anyone they can even their tenants!!!

  5th of Feb, 2009
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I recently moved out from Tuscany Palms Apts, one of The Bethany Groups apartments in Az. I moved out on dec 1 08 and still no deposit. I will be seeking legal advice on what to do. Their Corporate office in Irvine California was no help WHAT SO EVER!! The receptionist likes to send people to voicemails and good luck if they ever call a person back. This Is B.S. If it were one of us late on rent or so forth we would be sued and have bad credit. I also called the Attorney generals office and they are looking into it. Renters beware.

  27th of Feb, 2009
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As of today (2-27-09) rumor has it that the bank has foreclosed on all Bethany Group properties. Property employees were told that wages from the last 3 weeks will not be paid. That's over $2000.00 for my husband, plus we will be kicked out of our apartment even though they owe us money. We all know times are tough, but why should the hard working man who shows up, on time, EVERY DAY, be the one to get screwed? Isn't it time that somebody does something?

  28th of Mar, 2009
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I am a former employee with The Bethany Group and have not been paid for six weeks of work done in February and March, plus my commission. If anyone needs anything that I can provide; information, documents, etc... I would be happy to do so. I will check this blog back a few times a week to see if I can help anyone. Please post all of your questions clearly so I can better assist you. God bless all those affected by this situation.

  28th of Mar, 2009
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(I am writing this on behalf of Denice at her request, former employee)

I have spent four years paying off my credit. After paying $18, 000 worth of debt with only $3000 remaining, I still lost my vehicle, it was repossesed, due to me not being able to keep up with my chapter 13 payments, due to the Bethany Group Consistantly paying me late. I was kicked out of my chapter 13. Despite this hardship I continued to go to work, everyday, on time, to complete my daily tasks. I sympathize with all of you; employees, tenants, and vendors alike. I suggest you obtain a lawyer. I think all of us should get together across the United States and form a class action lawsuit. Greg Garmon should never be able to open up another business ever again.

  19th of Apr, 2009
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Oh Yeah. Isn't Greed Great G.G.. I love reading about a boy who grow up in a middle class family, who had wonderful parents. Mother a teacher, Father a grade school principle. Now I see he screwed over hundreds of people with his greed of trying to be somebody. I wonder how he can sleep at night living in a $3.8M home that he paid $5.2M for just 2 years ago, in where else? San Juan Capistrano CA 92675 . I'M SORRY TO READ ALL YOUR STORIES YOU GUYS. I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST.

  25th of Jun, 2009
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I am a former employee of The Bethany Group. I was a witness to the many unethical business practices of this managment group. Greg Garmon should not be the only person to share in this mess. Credit also needs to be assigned to Kevin Owens and Bev Mothersbaugh for their poor leadership skills. Bev constantly dodged the bullet and residents lived in the most deplorable conditions I have ever witnessed in all my years in property management. Drive-by shootings, gang activity, crack houses, prostitution rings, AC problems in most, if not all units, mold issues, buildings destroyed by fire (insurance money collect but repairs never was pocketed) code violations mounting daily, residents expected to pay excessive electric bills due to faulty wiring, or excessive water bills due to major leaks.

The demographics of these properties were mostly minorities, single mom's and the elderly. All victims of poor management, lack of compassion, horrible pass the buck methods, and unchecked greed. The Bethany Group is a collection of slum lords getting fat off of the under privaledge who can do no better than to live at one of these horribly maintained properties because the rent is reasonable. But in the end, living at one of these properties is EXTREMELY COSTLY!

And because greed is contagious, even some onsite employees participated in illegal activity. Deposits were stolen. Money orders left blank were then later addressed to that particular agent. Rent stolen and altered, resident still expected to pay rent or subject to an eviction. Late fees mounting and threats persisting. It was absolute madness. Even a maintenance employee was stealing (I personally witnessed it and formed a complaint but nothing was done about it because of her race...fear of discrimination law suit) and residents also voiced concerns about this person entering their apartment and stealing. The Bethany Group needs to be held accountable! And the people in key positions also need to be held accountable. My heart goes out to all the residents who are living in bedlam and mayhem due to the blind eye of The Bethany Group and some of its corporate, regional and on-site employees!

I left The Bethany Group because I could not stomach the lies, the greed and the lack of ethical practices anymore. If anyone needs my assistance in anyway...I am here as a word of proof to validate that your living conditions and the general administrative practices of this company was less than honorable!

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