The Bay/Elizabeth Arden Eye Cream and SerumElizabeth Dep.

I entered the store to buy a V Cream from Clarins on New year's eve. Nobody was at the counter. Finally someone from Elizabeth Arden came to serve me. When I asked her about the product she said, She is working at the Elizabeth Arden and start talking about Elizabeth Arden and showed me the products and all extra info. When I mentioned to her that I had a bad experience, She assured me that the products has been changed so many times and Elizabeth Arden is in the market from 1910. Finally I purchased the product and then next day New year's day, I applied the eye cream and serum. I had to hide all day from all my guest and had to use cold compress. My face was swallowed and was very itchy all night. First thing in the morning I did go back to the store and did go to the Elizabeth Arden boot. Another lady was there. When I asked her about the other lady and told her the story, She start laughing. when I told her is not funny I am in pain? She told me her reason which was really not convincing. She called another lady from Clarins department. She was helpful and called the store manager which he was trying to understand the situation. He was asking the Clarins customer service to give me 10% discount on my purchase which honestly, I thought was insulting but since he was trying to be helpful I ignored the situation. Finally he promised me that Cosmetic manager to call me tomorrow. I had to go and see my family doctor. I am sitting at home and hoping that I will be free from itching and puffiness soon. I am waiting to see what They are going to do about this situation since I am not happy at all. I have all my pictures and doctor's note and my all medication.

Jan 02, 2015

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