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The Basement / Scam and cheating!

1 San Antonio, TX, United States Review updated:

I must say that this was the worst experience I’ve ever had at a bar or any establishment for that matter. I recommend you do not go unless you want to be physically attacked like my husband and I were. The night started out fine we were at Coyote Ugly and our group of 15 were having a great time but then one of our friend said we should go to the Basement where drinks would be cheaper. So we all headed down to the basement and once down there, some of us (4 or 5) decided to dance a little on what appeared to be a dance floor. We were having a good time until one of our friends tripped on an extension cord and fell. They told her that she would have to leave because she was intoxicated. My husband felt sorry for her so he went and talked with the bouncers to see if she could stay but ultimately she had to leave. She wanted to take off anyway so the rest of us stayed and tried to have a good time. Then for some reason another bouncer came up to us who were dancing and told a friend that he needed to “calm down”. We couldn’t really see why but he did anyway. Then about 20 mins later the bouncer came back up to us and said that we needed to stop dancing where we were because some of the men (who were tall) were hitting the ceiling. I asked the bouncer why we couldn’t continue dancing and he said that it wasn’t the dance floor any longer and that they were just being nice by letting us dance there. I had been to this bar once before and I remember dancing on the floor then and there were a lot of other people dancing as well. Then he told me that they moved the dance floor and now it was in the back. So, a friend of mine who is retired USAF said lets go dance in the back where the bouncer pointed to. As we were walking to the “dance floor” I said to my husband and to him alone “this bar s*cks” and it just so happened that the bouncer was a couple feet away and overheard me. He called me to him and said “What did you say?” and I said “What? I was speaking to my husband.” Then the bouncer said “What did you say?” And then I said “I told him that this bar s*cks” the bouncer then told me “You better watch it” then I said “What? I’m sorry but I can say whatever I want to my husband that’s a right I have... freedom of speech” then I walked away to continue to the back of the bar with my friends. Then as my husband and I approached the back of the room the same bouncer and 3 others surrounded us and told my husband “You need to leave right now!” My husband asked “Why, what’s wrong?” and then the bouncer said “It doesn’t matter I’m telling you to leave” and then I said “We haven’t done anything why do we have to leave?” They told me to “Shut Up!” and then told him “I’m telling you to leave right now out that back door” then he said “Fine but I need my credit card that is at the bar, let me close my tab” they then said “No, you are not getting anything you are leaving” I couldn’t believe it and said “we will leave but we have to have our credit card, that’s how we are paying to get home” and all of a sudden four guys picked my husband up and started to carry him out the back door... then I got picked up and I could not see by who. The men who had me grabbed my breast and were touching my upper thighs. I was so scared and was struggling to get free. I fought lose and saw my husband being surrounded by 5 guys while he lay on the ground. I was crying and yelling at them to leave him alone when one of the men when one of them told my husband “You need to get your [censored] on a leash” my husband got up and said “Don’t talk about my wife like that” and took one step in the guys direction when all of them jumped on him. One of them was choking him while two others held both of his arms. I started screaming for help and then soon a cop showed up but not before the guy choked my husband until he threw up all over him. Then more cops showed up all of them on bikes. I was crying and extremely upset and tried to see if my husband was okay. The cops gathered around me and told me to stop and wouldn’t let me see if he were alright. And told us we needed to shut up. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that the cops were shaking hands and giving daps to the bouncers. When I asked to tell what happened the cops did not want to hear what we had to say... they told me because the bouncers called that we were in the wrong. The bouncers shut the back door as they brought us up and would not let any of our friends up at the top of the stairwell so it was just their word against ours and it appeared they were very close with the cops. We also were not allowed to sign our check and they still have our credit card and my phone which must have been lost while they were attacking me! I recommend you do not go to this bar unless you want to get attacked for no reason at all.

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  • Je
      11th of Jan, 2008
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    Sounds to me like the behavior and complaint of a group of people who had far too much to drink. Way too over the top. I've witnessed similar scenarios and the groups have always been annihilated.

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