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The Barn at Walnut Grove / not well maintained/parking limited

Posted: Sep 19, 2017 by   User 
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Elkton, Virginia
United States
When we arrived for my sons wedding there was trash in mulch that had not been weeded or maintained in quite some time. There was a 5 gallon bucket of water, trash and cigarette butts at the entrance, there was black mold in the window seals, broken furniture, ripped screen and wall trim that had been chewed by an animal inside. I asked the owner 2 hours prior to the event to clean and tack the screen, she did not.
Guests were asked to park 3.8 miles away and either walk to the venue or "catch a ride". We had such high expectations for the money we put towards this and were extremely disappointed. The owners did not offer a partial reimbursement or even an apology. I have shared just a few of the photos taken just prior to the wedding.

The Barn at Walnut GroveThe Barn at Walnut GroveThe Barn at Walnut GroveThe Barn at Walnut GroveThe Barn at Walnut Grove

Updated by Eavers-Ashby, Sep 20, 2017
The bucket was on the front porch of the house and pointed out to us by a guest of the bride also. As for parking, we were told upon making payment that there was an agreement with East Rockingham High School. Per the principal at East Rockingham, there has never been an agreement and we did not have permission to park guests at the school. As for as apologies, I also offer them to the guests as I know at least 3 others spoke directly with the owners about the same concerns. The ceremony was beautiful but the amount paid for the venue to not be prepared is very upsetting. The broken furniture was pointed out to the owner and she was aware of it prior to the wedding. Couch and stool. There was also a large sliding door that came off the track and fell that my husband had to put back. The owners never offered a simply apology and it's ironic that the father of the bride commented when the owners specifically stated that they never spoke with you concerning the parking. This whole situation is tragic and no one will agree. It certainly isn't traditional for the grooms family to pay for a wedding venue along with catering and while we would do anything for our son, we expect to at least arrive to cleanliness when paying. Black mold is a serious health concern, especially for me as a transplant patient and who just had there left lung collapse or I would have cleaned myself.
not well maintained/parking limited not well maintained/parking limited not well maintained/parking limited not well maintained/parking limited not well maintained/parking limited
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N  20th of Sep, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree -71 Votes
As the Father of the bride I have to respond to this posting. First I would like to say that my daughters wedding was a beautiful event, enjoyed not only by her and her bridesmaids but also by the groom and other guests. The issues that have been listed I take issue with. First while the parking only has 42 spots I believe, this was explained to my daughter and son I. Law when they signed their contract. It was also explained to them that there was additional parking just down the road, and to the best of my knowledge no one has to walk, I say this because my brother and other members of my family provided a shuttle for the 2'-3. People who had to park there. I'm not sure about the photos of cigarette butts as it looks to me to be the container at the back of the reception hall ( which was an area guests should not have been in anyway.). I being a smoker and forewarned about smoking there had looked at each container in all the areas of the facility to use as an ashtray and found none containing cigarettes. The owners were extremely hospitable, and had even taken special requests concerning parking. As far as damaged furniture and the other listings, I saw nothing other than the torn screen. The site is lovely, both the facilities and view. I offer my apologies to not only the owners but to any guest that have been upset by this posting. It is sad that such a beatiful event has been treated this way.

N  20th of Sep, 2017 by  User  Best Best Advice Agree Disagree +18 Votes
@Father of the bride not dissapointed It should also be noted that even though a cleaning fee was paid by the bride, the bride had to call the grooms aunt and ask for cleaning supplies just before the wedding. The aunt purchased several brooms and sweeping pans as the venue didn't have or offer on site. It should also be stated the grooms family did not provide the alcohol to minors and had no involvement in providing alcohol as none of us drink. It's difficult to speak for the bride and groom considering when I arrived the bride stated the groom was angry and the groom stated he just wanted it over and wasn't allowed to leave the basement. If they were satisfied with the venue and the owners, it was not evident in their attitudes. After speaking with guests and reading comments, it seems the owners were not only very concerned that guests noticed the unsanitary conditions but they wanted to disrupt the reception and defame the paying parties in retaliation for pointing out the facility's inadequacies. The owner could have immediately apologized, cleaned the mold, picked up the trash and tacked the screen. One guest even stated the stangnet water in the buckets smelled of urine.
N  21st of Sep, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
@Eavers-Ashby I wasn't at this wedding or know these people but I have been there. There was trash and beer cans all over then. We were told only 40 cars for 120 visitors. I won't go back and I wouldn't want anyone I know to either.
N  21st of Sep, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree +9 Votes
@Father of the bride not dissapointed It was nice when the old owners had it. The new owners do not keep it up. There is too much traffic for our two lane road. It's not what it once was. Hope your daughter and her new husband have a happy life together.
N  22nd of Sep, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree +1 Votes
@Father of the bride not dissapointed I know Jamie can be a loud mouth and complains or lies but I have to agree on this. I seen the bucket inside a planter on the front porch with trash in it. I seen the floors and walls were scuffed. I seen soda pop spilled on the wall at the stairs. I seen dead bugs in the fireplace inside. I seen a waterhose not all the way rolled beside pallets and ropes along with bottles and cans at the visitor walk in. When Taylor walked out I seen the broken screen on the door beside where she came out but not the one she walked out of. It was very hot and the wedding area was small so we were sitting on top of one another. Taylor even tripped over decorations because the area was so tight. I was not on the same side as the bride at the meal but the visitors on our side were very unhappy. Jamie claimed they rented the house til Sunday but that could not be true. The owners were sitting in the house and if she had rented it for the weekend they would not have been inside. People don't go into a place like that once it has been rented out. I don't even know if Jamie really paid for anything. I hope whoever actually paid gets something. Taylor was beautiful. I did not get to park in the parking lot. The parking people told me to go the the school. I had to wait on a ride back after the meal. I didn't like that.
N  22nd of Sep, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree +4 Votes
@Father of the bride not dissapointed Sounds like the father of the bride should be greatful he did not have to pay. When my kid got married it was over $20, 000. You lucked out man. You should thank these people. I say if you didn't pay you don't have a say. These pictures look pretty bad I would be mad too.
A  20th of Sep, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree +15 Votes
The owner was ugly about glitter being used and visibly upset the bride while decorating. It was more than 2-3 cars moved the grooms family also shuttled guests. The owner came to me as a guest and asked if I had a problem with the venue. I was there to enjoy a wedding not be harassed by the venues owner. This was not appropriate. There was a lot of hurt feelings as everyone could see. The bride and groom were both upset before the grooms parents even got there. The venue is nice but not clean or in very good shape.
A  11th of Oct, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
The owners had to remove the ability to remove reviews on their Facebook page because they received so many bad ones. But most of the complaints were about the owners and the way they behaved so the hanging out and talking to the guests doesn't surprise me at all. I will say that some of the photos which I believe are meant to show disrepair (the second set) don't show anything at all. Scratches on the floor? It's hardwood, what do you expect. Sounds like someone is just looking to complain.

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