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1 Columbia, SC, United States
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I meet the owner on July 31, 2016 for a used 1994 Mazda Truck that he had a sign in his lot for sale. The owner Mr. Artis Kelley and I discussed the terms and price for the used truck. We agreed that I would pay $1, 000.00 for the truck and he would put the head lining back in the truck and fix whatever was wrong with the truck not starting all the time. I left a $500.00 deposit on the truck. I called several times on August 1, 2016 about bring the balance of the money and writing the contract but with no one answering his phone. Later that evening a went to his shop and he was leaving the dealership and was discussing the same truck with another client and I said to him, you can't sell the same truck twice. In one breathe he said he was backing out because a family member needed the truck and the next minute he said he was selling the truck to someone in an as-is- condition. That was the worst deal I have ever man and he does not keep his word as agreed upon. On his card his slogan is Christ like integrity, but really he mean the Devil like a dollar

Aug 06, 2016

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