The Allied NEtwork; Allied Network / SCAM The Allied Network is a HORRIBLE COMPANY

The Allied NEtwork is a terrible company that should be out of business. I'm going to make sure that they pay for what they did to me. This Allied Network lied to me and manipulated me into believing their lies. I'm a decent honest woman, and I went there because their advertisement sounded so promising. I just wanted some help. So I made the appointment and went in to their office. The woman was pretty pushy and after I left I really felt that I was had. I should have known better but I just wanted some help really. It's embarassing that I paid so much, but dam them I'm not going to feel badly; they promised me that it would be pretty simple and that they would be great with me. I didn't get a call for almost a month, and then when I finally got a telephone call the woman or actually it sounded much more like a high school girl - was so rushed and hardly spoke with me at all. Again I felt so pressured to take the man that she was recommending. I wanted to ask some natural questions and she just brushed me off so finally I agreed. Sure enough, he wasn't anything like she described to me. I couldn't believe they would set me up with someone so opposite of what I'm looking for. When I called in to talk about it I couldn't get anyone to take my call for several weeks. That's when it really confirmed my suspicions that this was a really bad company. I had a feeling right from the start, but then all of this confirmed it. Finally someone called me back and they just kept saying that it would get better. But the way they treated me didn't get any better!!! And then I go online and see that so many other people are complaining!!! I can't believe this!!! What a terrible company. It's now been months and I haven't heard from them again. Now that I've read everything on here I'm furious too and I'm going to take them to court. They've had enough chances from me and I knew they were shady right after I left. I wish I had never walked into that building. I just want to warn everyone now. I refuse to let this discourage me though. I'll never let them have that effect on me. I just want them to pay and I'll meet my Mr. Right somehow. I hope everyone on here does too. Forget the Allied Network.


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