thai villa / intentional food poisoning, abuses mocks customers

1 aloma ave, Winter Park, FL, United States

please oh please BEWARE of thai villa. now as far as their food...their food is GOOD and i used to really like this place and get take out A LOT. one day I had an issue with them..i wanted something like extra sauce and their staff came out and mocked me and put me down. I was so upset I wrote a bad review about them online. well 3-4 takeout orders later, I think they had finally read my review. When I went into the place...ALL the workers were giving me the DIRTIEST looks. I was really worried about food poisoning, just out of common sense and feared it. Then, after I tried my had a metallic taste to it and I told my family members that I think that they possibly tainted my food..or I suspected it. Of course...that night...i was SICK and had food poisoning for THREE DAYS straight. utter pain and really bad. I had also read a review of someone else who wrote "they're good until they give you food poisoning." Now this happened over a year ago and I was so scared (you have to be EVIL to purposely give someone food poisoning so who knows what they're capable of) i didnt write the review but BE WARNED! they WILL intentionally give you food poisoning which puts them in the books of EVIL. I don't care how much a customer writes a JUSTIFIABLE bad review you have NO RIGHT to intentionally try to hurt or even kill them possibly. That is just EVIL. how you as a human or a restaurant thinks you can do this and get away with it is just HORRIBLE. now i still wanted to get their food, because i did like it but for fear of my health and life i have NEVER stepped back into that horrible place and NEVER will, but i am just warning people now what these sick and disturbed people are capable of-- hurting and injuring customers INTENTIONALLY without any remorse or care AFTER they already mistreat or insult them. VERY BAD PLACE BEWARE.

Mar 24, 2013

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