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1 Thai Square - 1 Great St Thomas Apostle, Barbican, 1 Great , England, Greater London, United Kingdom
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Do NOT host group events at Thai Square in Mansion House.

The staff are positively dishonest and attempted to scam / extort money.

We had a meal at Thai Square with a group of friends. The meal totalled around £1, 400 GB.

We were told to either pay at the table or approach the cash register and pay separately – the staff seemed to have no knowledge of how to use the cash register and did not deduct the amounts people were paying from the total bill.

Once everyone had paid, the staff informed us that they believed that we still owed them in excess of £357 pounds.

We were shocked, and asked to see the receipts of all in our group who had paid. We knew that the staff had made a clerical error, and so asked if we could see the receipts so that we could manually calculate how much each person had paid (see photograph attached).

The manager (who seemed utterly bewildered) agreed, and we sat down and calculated that our group had paid in excess of £1, 400.

To repeat – we painstakingly went through around 44 receipts – with the manager calculating on his calculator, another writing down on a piece of paper, and us using our iphones and blackberries (see photographs attached!) it was shown that we had overpaid.

When the manager realised this (he even summed the amount on his calculator twice) – the problems began - the restaurant categorically refused to return the extra money!

We were given the following excuses:

1. The £1, 449.51 that we paid did not include the service charge. It was only when we took a photograph of the cash register that it was clear that our PURCHASES had come to £1, 288.45 and that the cost including service (12.5%) was £1, 449.51, which had been paid. See attached. They had to make up another excuse:

2. They said that the receipts we had used to calculate had been wrong. That they had “accidentally” included receipts in the pile that had not actually been paid. We then asked to see the receipts that had not been paid, and they said that the receipt had been lost.

3. They had “accidentally” not included drinks in the total bill – we asked them for evidence (receipts, orders) etc they said that their computer had already been “reset”

4. That they had seen people in our party run out without paying – we asked to see their CCTV – they claimed that it was not working

5. They said that no one had paid at the table – again we asked for the CCTV – as a large number of people had paid using their portable machine

In the end, they asked us how much we “thought” we owed.

We said that they owed us money, and they said that we could not leave unless we paid paid £197 (it had been reduced to £197 from over £300 without explanation).

We paid simply because we are professionals and fully intent to claim the money back (through small claims court if necessary)

Obviously, we will be making a complaint to Trading Standards.

We do hope, however, that in the cold light of day the company will realise their mistake and return our money.

Thai Square Mansion House
Thai Square Mansion House
Thai Square Mansion House

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