Thai Express at Currents of WindermereOwner/operator

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Quite a while ago, the owner of this restaurant dealt with a complaint I had by providing a replacement meal for my family. I thought everything was ok and had gone there several times for take out. I go this morning with my kid to buy lunch and he's at the till. He pulls me aside and starts accusing me of fraud and threatened to call the police as he gave me the free meal a while ago. He claimed I made it all up despite showing him the email from head office at the time...needless to say I was furious and gave him an earful as I'm a white collar professional and why in the world would I defraud a restaurant??? Needless to say, this owner has issues as everything was dealt with in the past...he even went as far as saying that he's been looking for me ever I'm not sure what this meant or if it was a threat

Apr 16, 2016
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