TGV One UtamaAre TGV employees cheating?

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I went for a movie with my fiance yeserday night (17/09/2010) and I had a rather unpleasing experience. It was about 6:50p. m. when we went to buy our tickect. We've planned to go for dinner before the movie (Resident Evil). The frontline (a lady) did not even bother asking what time we choose to watch the movie and checked in the 6:45p. m. for us which the movie has already started. I requested for a change to 9:00p. m. and she showed her grumpy face at me and said that I should have told her earlier rather than saying sorry and help me change it. Then a guy came to her aid but he wasn't friendly either. This guy actually gave me a shock! He did a few stunning clicks on the computer screen and he asked me for RM18.00 for two tickets. But my ticket shows value of RM0. So, I asked him, why u take RM18.00 from me and my ticket shows RM0? He just snapped back at me and said, "Miss, it's the same, we have free tickets and that is how we use it, you have to pay anyway. Just give me RM18.00."... the frontline lady even smirked. The situation made me upset and I really think TGV need to do a thorough check on their employees in One Utama whether are they CHEATING the company's money or not. For what I know, the staffs should not be misusing their free tickets in that manner. Charging customers a fee and then put the money into their own personal pockets and they daringly do it in front of the customers. And please, please, please let them undergo some sort of customer service training to serve us better. I seen and heard alot of complaints about TGV One Utama.
I even saw an employee asking for a fight with a customer. Please change for the better... *(Name tags were not worn as well, so I do not know any of their names)

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      Oct 17, 2010

    did u still keep the tickets?

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