TGS Constructions / Plot booked in 2015 - no signs of development and registration

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With ref to above subject we booked 30x40ft plot in TGS Sarawathi at the time of pre-launching of that project and they committed to register within 12-15months from date of booking. They demanded us to give 50% advance after a month and we paid. After that they gave us MOU. But till date there is no development or commitment to deliver the land as per discussion earlier. When approached to cancel the application, we are told to come and attend a meeting with MD and only then they will provide dates when the refund will be made.

All TGS Employees phones have barred incoming calls and no one to respond, when we reach TGS office, there is no proper response and they making people run around.

Request all customers to come together to get their refunds back and inform new customers not buy anything from this company.

Jan 17, 2017

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