TGI Frdiay's / Nightmare Restaurant

1 Orlando, FL, United States

This place is a nightmare! Liars, Thieves and incompetent management and staff. 1st, they'll tell you that they'll take their own online advertised coupons that you provide to them before you even order, but, after you've eaten and you get your check, they'll make every excuse to refuse to accept those coupons and leave you sitting there feeling like you were just robbed. How nice!
Diabetics should also be very careful here as well. I ordered an unsweetened tea, but the waitress brought out a sweetened tea, even after I specifically told her I can't drink sugary drinks. I took a big drink of it and almost spit it out all over my wife.
So, thanks Brian (TGIFriday's airport manager ) for cheating us out of $10, thanks to the waitress who gave sweet tea to a diabetic (me) and also, to the cook; thanks for the steak that was like chewing on shoe leather that cost me a whopping $17!
Finally, If you ever have an issue, don't waste your time emailing their companies customer relations, because they wont bother to return your emailed concerns. It seems as though their corporate office has the same "We could care less about our customers" attitude as the manager at their airport location does! I won't go back.

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