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I have taken service from TFT for NIFTY future, there is a i###t person in TFT named Gaurav who is a no 1 cheater fraud in the world. its not me I have heard about this cheater from many of our friends. all call one name is Gaurav. so my friends pls pls pls stay away from this cheaters and save your money.

Gaurav explained me very nicely and said we don't give a single free trial also, then I thought company might be very genuine . then I paid 7500, after I paid hardly I received 5/6 calls in a month and out of them 1 call success and other 4 SL hitted. but the strange thing is they updated in the site that 4 call success and 1 SL hit, also the other strange thing is they have updated all day they made profit only where as there was no calls to you ( only 5/6 calls in a month). message will come like market are volatile and time frame will extend TFT.I can say it is a 100% fraud company and only 1 person Gaurav is running the show.

How to verify:-

Ask him to give 2/3 free trial to gain the trust-----I am sure they wont give.
Try to reach out there phone number-----most of the times nobody will pick.

more importantly try to send an email to all there email ids provide there side, your mail will definitely bounce from 2/3 mail id. you know all mail ids are handle by Mr fraud Gaurav. there is no company.

Friends it is a long story happened to me, if u want more further details about TFT then please reply to this chain with your number and I will guide you not to include in this cheater/scam/fraud. I hope u all save your money.

Jan 20, 2017

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