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I received text message from 88588 since Nov., I thought they are just junk message and deleted them, but my Rogers bill came out very high, because each of the message was charged $2.00. I didn't apply anything from either Rogers or Trivia. I feel it is kind of illegal trick stuff. I am pretty sure Rogers knows very well about the trick of Trivia but didn't do anything to notice its customers. Our benefit as a customer is not protected at all.

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  • Jo
      Jan 14, 2009

    The same thing happened to me, and again it was Rogers. After arguing with Rogers rep. for half and hour, they removed the charges as a courtesy. What the rep told me is scary. These Text Challenge people could sell my number to somebody else who could also rape my account to the tune of $2 a message. Somehow, rogers is implicit in all this. They have some kind of agreement with these scam artists, no doubt a profitable one for Rogers, that allows them to do this. i was also told that, since my account is a "Pay-go" account, it is "self managed" and I am responsible for any charges that go on it. The rep was quite clear. I asked her if I could pull this scam on somebody if I had their cell number. I was told i could not. So it is clear that they have some kind of arrangement with Rogers that allows them to do this. What burned me up was the Rep blamed me, and basically said there was nothing I could do about it. She said I should reply to any unwanted text messages with the message "stop all.' Rogers obviously is aware of these abuses, but chooses to participate anyway. I suggest that anybody else who has this happen phone rogers and scream like hell. At first they will act like they know nothing about it, but if you hassle them enough it becomes clear that they have some kind of agreement with these people. don't take NO for an answer. Insist that Rogers is implicit and insist on having the charges removed.

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  • Re
      Jan 29, 2009

    the 88588 is companie that get you to send them a msg to get(horoscopes, jokes of the day, enter a contest ETC) you see these on tv or on website where they ask you to enter you phone number to find out who your crush is etc... but there is a small print to this it says that it's $1.50(or so depending the company) and it's a suscription service which mean you will receive 3 or so msg a week at $1.50. So they bill your provider and then they bill you. It's not your wireless provider its these companie under variouse name like the one noted above or Verisign/m-qube, Impact, Lipso. No class lawsuit against Virgin at&t, fido etc will work as you some how agreed to these terms or somebody used you phone or number online to subscribe you... these companies are very shady and have been brought to court before. just text stop or stopall to it and it will stop.

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  • Li
      Feb 03, 2009

    I've never subscribe but get the charges from Rogers. I do believe Both this damn company and Rogers should be responsible for it.

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  • So
      Feb 23, 2009

    I recieved the same message


    and call the 866 # and remove your cell phone #. Also, request ur cell phone provider for a credit.
    Telus did it for me.

    Hope this helps.

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  • So
      Feb 23, 2009

    Spread the message to everyone who wants to get rid of this service

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  • He
      Mar 02, 2009


    I work for a consumer's right defense group. We are currently looking into this issue.

    We are looking for people who have been charged for premium services without having subscribe to this service or for people who did suscribed but were unable to stop the subscription.

    You can email me at [protected]

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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  • Ma
      Mar 05, 2009

    Read carefully !!
    I just got off the phone with Rogers - they do play innocent, but when reminded that they are double dipping into our pockets - they're not providing this "venue for revenue" to others for free, they're getting a percentage of every charge for handling the billing - they relented. I got the $10. credited, and they even credited my wireless long distance this month of $15. to compensate for the inconvenience and aggravation.
    ROGERS CAN AND WILL BE FAIR - JUST call and tell them how you feel - clearly and with detail - don't stop talking, go on and on, very nicely but firmly, until they interrupt with a solution.


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  • Ri
      Apr 08, 2009

    i discovered i was paying for obnoxious messages from a 88588 source after a year. at that time i had a contract with telus which i now have terminated because of the charges they put on my bills as Data nad Other Services. In one year they took over $400. which i have ask them to refund. they propose to refund the last month charge of $68. I have been told i can take telus to small debt court. But will it work?

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  • Fa
      Jul 01, 2009

    I keep getting emails from them everyday and when tried to get them to stop sending me emails was told that they had no control over that. Well I think that it is pretty terrible thing to do. I am getting really sick of it.

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  • To
      Sep 16, 2009

    I am having issue with FIDO over this crap. FIDO tell me to call the 1-866 number because it has nothing to do with them -- reps at the 1-866 number say that I must resolve this with FIDO... I have paid my bill short... and as advised by FIDO customer service personnel I will begin the preliminaries to bring this matter before the CRTC in formal complaint.

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  • To
      Sep 16, 2009

    I am experiencing issues along this line with FIDO. FIDO says there is nothing they can do and advise me call the 1 866 # where I get advised to take up the issue with FIDO???

    FIDO staff recommend that they and this Text Challenge... are not doing anything illegal or wrong and refuse to the credit charges. I paid my bill short and I am in the process of addressing this in writing to ROGERS/FIDO which is required before submitting a complaint before the CRTC.

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  • Di
      Sep 25, 2009

    I have the same issue. FIDO told me to text the word STOP to the 88588 # which I did last month, and received a message back saying it is stopped. This month, I received my bill to find more charges. FIDO is extremely non-cooperative and is actually more to the arrogant side.
    I submitted a formal complaint (knowing full well it would fall on deaf ears) and had a humourous (sort of) back and forth with some nitwit customer service rep that kept giving me straight "form" answers and refused to answer the 2 questions I wanted an answer to which were:

    1. I'd like to know what you can do for me to prevent this from happening again?

    2. How much are you getting to collect the $2.00 for them? You cannot be doing this out of the goodness of your heart.

    After about 6 replies back at which time I would again ask the same questions and query about why he wouldn't answer my questions I still got no answer.

    Basically now I'm just saving all the emails to provide any media or consumer groups that want the info to know just how "helpful" FIDO's customer service is.

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  • Fa
      Oct 05, 2009

    I am with Koodo and I started getting these msgs from 88588 since early sep, 09.I never took these msgs seriously and never rpelied to them, just thought it's all junk .When i got my koodo bill i came to know about these charges of $2.00 per msg.I have never signed up for anything .When i spoke with koodo about it, they said they cannot do much about it .I think all these phone companies should take this matter seriously and they must bring this to News .Nobody should be charge without any contract or agreement, eg: when we sign up for a cell phone, we sign the contract paper to get the cell and be responsible for it, but these ppl who r charging us $2/00 they do not have any paper work or contract or legal document to charge us for those stupid text msgs.They r just eating our money .

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  • Fa
      Oct 06, 2009

    my sugestion is that everybody should send an email to [protected] so they bring it to the news and look after this matter

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  • Aw
      Feb 01, 2010

    Well, I remember once trying to download a new ring tune where I entered my cell number to receive free tunes but never ever receive any new ring tune and start getting stupid messages and never knew it was a subription for a third party but today I google this site and learned how to stop it just reply to that message saying "stop all" in few seconds I received message saying "at your request we will no longer send you messages in connection with this service". I hope this is the end of hell add up cost. I request everyone of you please reply any junk messages with "stop all or stop" text to get rid of it.

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  • Du
      Feb 17, 2010

    I think that u people who do all this complaining should go back to how this started. You put your number online (good job protecting your security). Next you skiped over the terms of agreements (another smooth mover plausable denieability will save you). Last you put a pin number online and did not read the cost or number of messages that would be sent to you.

    Wow I wounder how you made it this far. Did you never read a contract or are you using a new piece of tech that you don't know how to use. Ither way it's your fault and when you read this you will skip over it to make yourself feel more like the victim again and again.. Have a great day and don't DON"T put your number online OK!!!

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  • Ya
      Jun 11, 2010

    I have the same issue. Fido sent me a bill I never expected . I make very limited from my Fido mobile.Then I requested to Fido that I have never subscribed this service how they can charge on behalf of others which is purely illegal. Fido is extremely non-cooperative and is actually more to the arrogant side.
    I submitted a formal complaint (knowing full well it would fall on deaf ears) and had a humourous (sort of) back and forth with some nitwit customer service rep that kept giving me straight "form" answers and refused to answer the 2 questions I wanted an answer to which were:

    1. When did I subscribed with Fido to send these Messages.

    2. How can Fido charge any thing from me on behalf of others.

    But I never got a satisfactory reply from Fido.

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  • Fl
      Jul 19, 2010

    it is still happening on rogers network, just had $30 in charges show up on my bill, with no knowledge of why ... called rogers, they were actually helpful, credited the charges ...

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  • Fk
      Oct 12, 2010

    Were is the CRTC in this scam?

    The public is supposed to be protected.

    If this company is legitimate, they ought to charge when and only when the supposed subscriber 'participates' in the ridiculous 'TEXTCHALLENGE'. Not charging a $2.00 rip off by receiving in the absence of participating consent.

    Do you have any idea how many unwitting people I could register for this scam?

    Shut these people down!!! and change your participating cell phone provider.

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  • Df
      Nov 29, 2010

    This just happened to me as well. The company TEXT CHALLENGE baits you into putting your phone number online with the pretense that you can win an I PAD. I did not agree to anything as I realized it was a scam and got rid of it from my screen.
    I was getting weird texts but thought I was a sales gimic from Rogers so ignored them
    When I got the $16.00 on my bill, I called Rogers. They told me to call Text Challenge.
    Text challenge told me I had agreed to the 'service'. I knew I had not! After the sales agent checked into it she said I was right, that I had not agreed to it but was being charged in error!
    She said she would mail me a cheque for $16.00. She also said I would have to get Rogers to refund the tax if I wanted it back! (HMMMM I wonder how that is going to work.)
    How many unsuspecting people are being charged for this huge scam?
    Something has to be done about this!

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  • An
      Dec 13, 2010

    I Most certainly did NOT agree to ANY charges! I was told I could have registered on-line by entering my telephone number. I am a very busy business person who most certainly does not have time or any interest in playing trivia games, on-line or otherwise. So anyone with access to my telephone phone and address (on my company website) could register me?? Is that how their salespeople make their money? If they are going to be billing us $2.00 a pop, there should be notification of that in each text message as well as the ability to STOP the messages immediately once you realize you're being billed for them! I've been calling my service provider MTS in Manitoba for the last number of months to determine what I'm getting extra charges for - the service rep couldn't explain it or identify the billing as coming from a third party Company outside of MTS. Last month I went to the MTS store to review the bill to try to lower my monthly costs, again - the service people did not tell me about the charge as they "do not have access to it in the MTS Stores" . Finally today Service rep tells me who is billing me and for what. If you do not respond to these texts you should not be billed for them. Write coimplaint to the CRTC. When a third party company is billing your cell provider, and the cell provider is collecting on behalf of a third party, it should CLEARLY be indicated the third party Company's Name as well as the charges so it doesn't appear to be hidden as part of your regular cell costs. CRTC needs to start regulating this ALOT MORE CLOSELY!!!

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  • Lu
      Dec 22, 2010

    I fell in the same trap last month. I did not realize it until I got a bill from FIDO. I called the FIDO who said I should argue with test challenge but FIDO still continue to charge me! I am sure I did not agree any agreement with that message service. I was so upset to receive those junk messages and don't know how to get rid of it, every time I got it I just deleted it right away, but now they charge me $2/message for those crap!
    I believe that there is a link between FIDO and that cheating company, no FIDO's support, the scam will not get money so easily.
    So many people were tricked, what can we do?

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  • Bi
      Apr 19, 2011

    Hi there this is for all of the customer that has subscribe to the text challenge service.I agree with the lady and gentelman guy or lady because when you do a quiz on a website it will ask you to put your cell phone number in, for you to have a chance to win a prize but before you enter your phone number to any website read the terms and condition yes it may be alot to reading but it sates every single details about the service and they do also advise that they will be a charges to it, they even send you a pin number that you need to enter to the website that pin number confirms that you have read the terms and condition and that you have been advisde that you will be charged 2$ or all depending the service you have subscribe on, next time you sign up for something read don't ignore it then you will know its your responsiblity insted blaming the compagnie for it when they have done nothing wrong.

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  • Tm
      Apr 20, 2011

    They charged my Fido accounts too. Could give somebody any advise what we should do? Is any place here in Canadian government that the we are getting a protection?
    The company name who charged my account is TMG World.
    Please somebody answer to me. Does anybody has any information about this company?
    My email:[protected]

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  • Df
      Apr 20, 2011

    In regards to TMG world's comment: I did not agree to anything and did not post the pin number. After checking into my complaint, TEXT CHALLENGE agreed that I had, indeed, been wrongly charged. They did refund my money after six weeks. How many people are being wrongly charged and not noticing it on their bill???

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  • Bi
      May 09, 2011

    I think peapole are justt ignorent sure blame the compagnie but im pretty sure you can't read the regulation of the terms and condition wake up it is much your fault then the compagnie. they offer you the information and that provides you every single details of the service and you decide to ignore it so its not the compagnie's fault it is your faults. Think about t hat ..

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  • Df
      May 09, 2011

    I did not agree to anything! Even the company admitted I was charged wrongly.
    AND learn how to spell.

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  • Me
      Jun 20, 2011

    I'm glad I found your posts! I was charged 2$ 4 times a week for text messages I NEVER received!!! so I was unaware of the problem until I saw my bill with 36$ lost in more than a month!!! I don't remember ever having subscribed to these stupid things. And HOW on earth could I have been able to stop all that as I never received the text messages on my phone??? I was only in contact with Rogers by e-mail and they say they couldn't help me, but giving your posts, I will call and try to get a refund because that's not normal to be charged for texts you never received.

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  • Qu
      Aug 10, 2011

    They charged my videotron account too. The company name who charged my account is : CareMobile [protected] is number of this sending company ) and their website :
    1) I first I called the company and complain about their charge. They asked me to send an e-mail to their custom service and make the opposition of this charge. I wrote an e-mail asking them to solve my problem ..if not I'm going to complain to CRTC and police.
    2) I called my cellular Provider : Videotron ...and they said ..they cannot do nothing about that ... I will call them again asking them suspending for me this payment
    Please share with me ...things must do more. Thanks

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