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Texas Pocket Pups / Parvo

1 103 woodcomb 77062Houston, TX, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 832-892-2366

Advertises all pups are healthy, she sold us a baby chihuahua with parvo that became sick within 48 hours an died after treatment 3 days later. It contaimenated 3 or more homes an one of our other pups caught it unknowing the chihuahua was sick an he passed last night. She will act all nice when selling you the pup but a complete rude ### when trying to deal with her for a refunds so gives us another pup an we were told we have to check the pup does not have parvo. This 450.00 pup ended up costing us 1000.00 plus all our homes an yards are full of parvo. Don't buy from this breeder!!!

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  • An
      21st of May, 2009
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    what a joke! this chick is an embarassment to the breeding comunity! Look at the quality of her dogs. She also sells under Don't bother with this lady, she will be your worst nightmare!

  • Ex
      24th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I hate puppy mills, but I must say one thing... you said that the Puppy became sick 48 hours after you brought him home, and then say it contaminated MORE homes...? So how many homes and other Puppies did you expose it to, in the first 2 days you had the Pup? Do you know, how highly contagious Parvo is, do you know this puppy could have caught that anywhere, like one of your friends houses, or on your way there, at the Petstore...? There is a reason, breeders and vets will tell you, to keep outside exposure to other dogs, etc at a minimum until your puppy has had ALL it's shots. Also did you know that small Puppies like that get stressed out, and dehydrated as well as hypoglycemic, when carted around like that at such a young age?
    I don't wanna come across as a [censor] and maybe your pup got sick at the breeders, and yeah maybe that is a Puppy Mill but just from the short complaint you wrote here, I can tell that you obviously have NO clue whatso ever about how to care of a miniature breed, or any dog as the matter of that fact.
    Who carts their not fully vaccinated Puppy all over town like that???? Maybe some of you should look at yourself, when searching for a scapegoat, sometimes.
    ~I'm a vet tech~

  • Ma
      24th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    My aunt was told no larger then 4 lbs when full grown. The dog is 11 lbs and that is too large for a Chihuahua. I would not have complained if 6 lbs or even 7 lbs. The breeder has a website that says teacups for sale.

  • Mu
      26th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    You are right they are not actual buyers. munchkin54 and marymeyers same person or two seperate crazy people?
    Do not come to someone's defense when you are posting negative fake reviews about them.
    MaryMeyers is made up or a friend of yours. You posted on ribbit Ranch, ms puppy connection and now Texas Pocket pups and
    this is just today. The only nice post today was a great compliment about your contract munchkin54 by the same marymeyers.
    Readers click on the blue link above that say's marymeyers in the fake reports above and see the people she attacked just in the last day or so.
    I clicked on marymeyers profile and this is a link to the other postings you have done today alone.

    Ribbit Ranch Equine Swim Facility - DISHONEST
    Like how this looks? Her brother almost died from bacterial meningitis and you make fun of this? Her brother fell into a coma in his own home and was in...

    Ribbit Ranch Equine Swim Facility - DISHONEST
    She’s a Dateline Scam special waiting to happen. She is harassing us with emails and phone calls to take down our complaint post or she will get...

    Munchkinland Chihuahuas Debra Bourassa aka Debra Drury - Dog Breeder Money Scam
    Contract looks excellent. Responsible breeder I have contacted for a puppy and plan to buy Mouse. Her ex buyer Lisa Nicholas looks to be unstable. Breeders...

    Texas Pocket Pups - Parvo
    My aunt was told no larger then 4 lbs when full grown. The dog is 11 lbs and that is too large for a Chihuahua. I would not have complained if 6 lbs or...

    My relative was scammed by another breeder, not this one, but we are being very careful before we buy a puppy now and I was going to buy from this breeder...

    Texas Pocket Pups - Parvo is a puppymill. It took me some time to decide to write or not and after checking out the sites I decided I should because this...

    Nicole Anderson, Nicole Methvin, Ashley Anderson all the same teacup puppy scammer. Check out [redacted]s under these names.Puppies eyes, faces and...

    Texas Pocket Pups - Parvo
    Shannon Ensiminger is also www.tinypawsandclaws . Two websites with same puppies pictures. Wonder why? Kinda Weird. Parvo is so bad.

    You are a breeder and should be ashamed.

  • Sa
      23rd of Feb, 2014
    0 Votes

    Shame on me I did not research enough before I purchased. I hold myself responsible for being *PHP Spellcheck Trial*. I will say I am so disappointed in the way Shannon handled this whole situation. All the signs were there...I just didn't pay attention. My experience: I payed extra for a chi puppy because it was supposed to be 3.5 lbs. Dumb me...I made several calls to ask questions and realized she never *PHP Spellcheck Trial* time to talk...I asked for her to post a Pc of the sire...never happened. Overall I wanted to like and have a relationship with a person who could teach me alot...bad idea. I am now just understanding her operation. I cant say she out and out lies...but if you dont Have experience in shopping the breed, thIs is not where you want to shop. I love my chi and He will fOrever be a member of my fAmily...but he I

  • Ma
      8th of May, 2016
    0 Votes

    Yes. A very bad breeder. We were sold a pocket pup for a pocket pup price and one is now 10 lbs and the other 9.
    I did not research her either. I saw a cute set of pups on the Internet. That is shame on me. Also she told me that the puppies were brothers but they are not. Do not use this breeder

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