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Well Like others have said I should have read here first before buying this product. First, when I initially bought my subscription the magazine had some substance. Now its down to hardly any pages with nothing more then the same ole tired writers and TONS of advertising. Also, go to Texas Saltwater Magazine or othes Like Gulf Coast Connections website. Their informative and interactive. Texas Fish and Game, Texas Fish & Game (The same) website just plain sucks. It has NEVER worked and has nothing functional on it.

I also guide from time to time so I wanted to place an ad in their magazine (I know big mistake). Boy did I get the run around. 3 calls from people that weren't sales people, they claim. I was also sent tons of media kits which I didn't ask for and at least 3 different price list. Ardia Neves and Roy Neves are the owners. Not sure if their related although I would assume they are. Anyways I called them to voice my complaints and Roy Neves actually yelled and swore at me. I then called Ardia Neves and she was so stupid and talking in circles that I just hung up! I am not trying to be mean but man this magazine and its so called owners have bit the dust. Spend your 4 bucks on a coffee from Starbucks, even if you don't like coffee it's a better investment!

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  • Sa
      19th of Dec, 2008
    Texas Fish & Game Magazine - Fraud, Breach of copyright, Faked photo's
    Texas Fish & Game Magazine
    1745 Greens Road
    United States
    Phone: 281-869-5549

    Well, to be honest I hate writing a complaint about this magazine, if it was 2 or 3 years ago! Now, well to put it simply its a scam. They actually took several articles I had wriiten for another company and published them
    in their "Magazine." They took a colleague of mines professional photo's and published them and scammed another friend of mine in the charter business
    buy charging him a fortune for an ad. In which he later found out was actually available at 1/3 the cost depending of the sales person you deal with. Watch out for Ardia Neves. She is the owner and will be quick to tell you this. As I have heard at many a Fishing Shows she wants free stuff and she wants a ton of it. This is the killer. A friends wife actually went to a garage sale of hers where she was selling NEW fishing equipment, hunting equipment and bragging about getting it for free.

    Dishonest YES
    Scammers Yes
    Uneducated about Texas sports YES

    Should you do business with this so-called company...NO!!!

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  • Fe
      31st of Dec, 2008

    This is a completely bogus complaint, filed by an ex-employee of the magazine who quit without notice and insists on harassing his former employer. Anyone who has dealt with such a disgruntled individual will understand how devious they can be. And, now with sites like, which allow anonymous, unverified postings, it is easier than ever to commit such slanderous harassment.

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  • Cr
      3rd of Mar, 2009

    I just quit Texas Fish & Game Magazine and it's funny. I know of no one name "Felix" working there. Talk about cowards, hiding their name and blaming an ex-employee. We had dozens and dozens of ex-employees, most quitting without notice and generally very upset. How in the world would they know who wrote this!?

    it's just typical BS by this company. They are awful, con artist, and going out of business. Can you say desperate!!

    Felix, that's funny more like wussy!

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  • Ch
      6th of Mar, 2009

    I purchased their "Lakes & Bays" edition that is sold on their website as "Just released." Well to my surprise when I received it, it has been out for a year and they are supposedly coming out with a new one in March 09...I just bought it as their latest!!! This cost me $10.00 buck plus and so I keep reading about Texas Fish & Game Magazine and their owners and there are stories all over the web regarding their dishonesty.

    I don't know anything about "ex-employees" etc... I just care about the truth. They simply lied to me about their product...period!!

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  • Ro
      8th of Mar, 2009

    Yup same thing happened to me. I was dupped into purchasing their latest Lakes and Bays issue and it turns out its as old as the hills. OK it was just $10.00 but who nowadays wants to waste $10.00. I rechecked their website tonight and it states "Just Released." It's a complete and utter lie. It's been out for a year.

    I'm stickling with my Gulf Coast Connections (Texas Saltwater) and saying so long to the Texas Fish & Game cons!!

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  • Ja
      9th of Jun, 2009

    Texas Fish and Game Magazine declares bankruptcy!!! Texas Fish and Game Declares bankruptcy, Texas Fish & Game magazine declares bankruptcy.

    Yes sir I was just laid off due to these idiots not knowing a thing about running a business. They scammed and scammed and now they get what they deserve.

    People please watch your money they are history. The banks are foreclosing on their building.

    I know they are looking for buyers...I wouldn't give a dime for this magazine. I just feel for the people that work there.

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