Texas Family Chiropractic / Discriminating, greedy,prejudiced,Negligence

1 Yellow Sage Road, Pflugerville, TX, United States
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Phone: 512-252-9444

I went to the Texas Family Chiropractic because a friend had referred me to him saying how wonderful he was and all in the past. However, I got treated differently by this Bald head, fat, so called Chiropractor named Dr. Derrick Houghton. All he saw in was $$$ dollar signs from the Insurance company that was going to pay the bill. At first he acted all business like to get my business. Then once he got me into his office I was treated like crap! His staff was nice but he is a very PREJUDICED & UNJUST, GREEDY PENNY PINCHING SOB! He spent about 5-10 mins with me adjusting me and then says "OK" go out and make another appointment. Damn! The machine in his back office does more good for me than this so called chiropractor ever did! Then this FAT, BALD head fool refer me to his massage friends where they don't know what the right or left hand is doing because after I scheduled two appointments they NEVER showed up for the appointment! Nor had enough brains or plain common sense to call me to confirm any of the appointments! So I called the massage people up & they say oh they got confused because I scheduled two appointments? Dud? What a joke these pair are! I finally found some real Chiropractors and physical therapy clinics. So I called this BALD, FAT HEADED Ebenezer Scrooge Derrick Houghton who claims to be a Chiropractor, [I use the name loosely too...chiropractor] that I would no longer be going to his office nor want to use his massage people. I was thinking that everything was cool because his employee Cindy said it would be "ok" to borrow the X-Rays that was done at their office. However when I went to go pick up the x-rays OLD, FAT & BALDY said that it would be $150.00 for the x-rays! I said, "You got to be joking, right?" He replied, "This ain't no good will!" So my reply was that the Insurance was going to pay him! He stated, " well they haven't paid me yet." So I told OLD FAT & BALDY that once the insurance company paid his GREEDY FAT PREJUDICED self that I would be back to pick up the x-rays for sure! Then he replied back, " well...I still have the right to hold on to them for another two weeks after I get paid...per the Chiropractic law. That FAT DUMB ### doesn't know that the x-rays ARE part of medical records I guess? And once I sign a medical release form for the other Chiropractor he HAS to release them in 48 hours! And if that is not good enough I am studying the Legal system and will be happy to take his FAT, BALD GREEDY A$$ to court for Negligence & discriminating practices! I will make sure that he will lose more than the $502.00 balance I have for the 4 treatments & x-rays that he did! A attorney will cost him at least $250.oo per hour plus Court costs & filing fees! Soooo...bring it you OLD, FAT BALD SLOB!

Feb 27, 2013

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