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Texas CPS / nothing better to do

1 Sinton, TX, United States Review updated:

Dont take your children to the hospital after they get ingured by another sibling. The hospital calls cps and cps comes out and interigates you and taggs you as a child abuser. This sytem is turning into a big joke and it is a waste of our hard worked tax dollars. They need to worry about perverts and child beaters and killers. But nope they wait until a child is beat half to death or sexualy assulted or better yet dead before they check into those cases. And the best part is they refuse to leave your house until they can find something to tagg you with. They cant go back to the office with nothing to report now can they?. Any cps workers reading this stop wasteing our tax dollars and do your jobs right!!! You suck!!!

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  • Ci
      10th of Aug, 2009
    +3 Votes

    I am in the middle of my own CPS case and also am amazed at what this agency gets away with. My son, age 15, called 911 to complain about my not having his ADD medication and accusing me of taking it. He had lost 15 pounds though I had started giving him his own cart at the grocery cart to ensure he'd eat by choosing his own food. He had gained three pounds and climbing when he made the call. I also had taken him back to his doctor for several visits in the previous two weeks to get advice. What "getting a little grumpy at night from the medicine wearing off" to the doctor was actually a full blown loud verbal foul mouthed attack at me every night for months on end. With only two weeks of school left to go, I was trying to just slide in home before any drastic alteration, taking the abuse stoically until then. Instead, CPS accused me of general abuse and the case worker blatantly twisted my answers to her interview not believing a word I said in my own defense. I tried to explain that at 15, he wasn't aware of the chemicals changing his perception of his daily reality. He was too inexperienced to know his own body. Additionally, the fact is he was raised without alcohol in the house nor did he watch adults having "Happy Hour" as my generation and I did. What I find so difficult is not just digging deep into my unorganized files to find the documentation, but to choose the right verbal presentation and examples necessary to change one's already made up mind.
    The consensus of opinion from outside legal advice is to save my money and not spend it on a private attorney as the department is so strong that it usually gets the court to agree with the case managers. In my case, this is actually the product of an inheritance issue whereby my sibling and niece have used my son to make two previous 911 calls that even though determined to be unfounded, are being resubmitted as evidence in this case. Each one was followed by a phone call from them full of accusations against me resulting in my being thrown in psychiatric hospitals and tied down by the city police. After the second experience, I relentlessly called non-emergency numbers for the police department getting hung up on and having my messages ignored until finally a might shift Commander, Lt. Cook, actually listened to me. He was so patient and attentive I had to ask if he was still there. His short but to the point response was "Get a lawyer; a Civil Lawyer".
    As I approach the end of the summer with my son still in foster care, I just received a 30 day eviction notice from my siblings after being ordered here by them seven years ago whereupon I was caretaker to my parents, without pay or any compensation, until my mother passed away last March 2008. They kidnapped my dementia affected 93 year old father to their state next door not ever giving me his phone number or address for what has been a year now. My son was simply their next order of business.
    Do you think CPS wants to believe this? I have maybe a 50/50 chance of getting my son back from them on their target date of December 31st. Granted he may treat me better but first I have to beat the allegations they immediately believed to be true from a total stranger from another state. I think President Madison, author of the Bill of Rights, is rolling around in his grave as you read this.

  • Ka
      14th of Aug, 2009
    +2 Votes

    When I was growing up, injuries from sibling fights were not unusual. The sibling got the blame, not the parent. In that old world that I used to know, everybody knew what kids were like in real life and nobody automatically assumed that the parent was bad.

  • Tr
      9th of Jul, 2011
    +3 Votes

    I got my CPS report back which was filed back in 2007. It took CPS over a year to send me a copy of that report. It clearly states that (at that time) a 35 year old male was wearing a diaper. It states my children were home when in fact they were at my mothers. They claim that cps had called my mother in which they never did. Cps claims they visited my home in October 2007, they only came once on an initial check then a recheck in September 2007, 5 days apart. I can go on...I am going to write to everyone and let them know just how CPS falsifies information...

  • Fe
      23rd of Feb, 2013
    +3 Votes

    it is with a profound disgrace how this office turned to be, they are pushing real hard working families to take actions in abandoning their own children because fighting with the GOV it is just a lost fight. No person love their children more than their own parents, at the end of the day CPS it is just another office trying to make a case and destroying American families instead of helping them. At the end of the they CPS officers they just work for a salary and go to lunch and lough while real families that they had affected them they are crying for their babies.

  • Ch
      4th of Mar, 2013
    +2 Votes

    I am shocked and amazed. The CPS in Texas told me that a mother that chose to not enroll her school aged children in school, decided to live in a tent city in the homeless area in freezing tempratures instead of staying in a warm shelter, was a ok with them. They do not think it is wrong to be poor, totally missing the point that they live in a tent and do not go to school. Child neglect prone people can get around that by pitching a tent and not protecting their children against the elements. How in the world is this not neglect. If you are stationary, have an unruly teen pron to getting their way via CPS, you are investigated and have a record of this. The real neglectful ones stay below the radar by not enrolling their children in school and have the backing of the CPS that being poor is not an issue. No one said being poor was an issue, children in a tent in 30 degree weather is.What jacked up ### runs the CPS?

  • Ch
      4th of Mar, 2013
    +2 Votes

    @cindyswing Clearly you would not be here if you were in the wrong. Stick to your guns, prove them wrong, and actually take them up on the offer to take your kids. They won't because they can't!!! They have to prove abuse. They love going after parents that actually love their kids, they will not go for a child that the parents don't give one ###, their is no reward in that. Don't let them scare you, laugh them down, believe me... I went through that and they gained no traction but fear in me. Now my kids are successful adults, and when I tell them the ### that The CPS says about tent city kids, they laugh and so do I. They are a joke, do not fear them. Take them up on their threats, tell them you are just fine with them taking your kids THROUGH a court of law. They will scamper away, tails tucked.

  • Af
      22nd of May, 2013
    +2 Votes

    My case is a drastic one by all means. CPS came to my home, my husband allowed the investigator in ( big mistake ). She drilled and provoked him with questions like: " What gives you the right to discipline your children?" He answered: " It is a God-Given right to discipline my children!" However, this was not the answer she wanted. She needed to be in total control and he needed to submit. Now, we know that we have fourth amendment rights: Cannot enter the home without a warrant signed by a judge. Anyway, they passed words and suddenly she felt "threatened" and called the police, who put my husband in the police car ( leaving my children alone of course and giving her the opportunity to claim they were indisposed and must be removed immediately). Ok, I have five children. My son has special needs and we have figured out he is the cash-cow in all of this. They prolonged our services so that they could get PMC custody of him. All lawyers were dismissed. My four girls have been PMC to the paternal grandmother. My 15 year old stay in trouble after this. CPS has turned my family upside down. Now, my 15 year old stays in trouble and they want to terminate my parental rights. Court dates keep getting reset to return my son home, it all boils down to a home visit. CPS is the enemy. Do not believe anything they say if they come into your life. If an investigator comes by tell him/her to produce a warrant signed by a judge, otherwise you have nothing to say inside of your home. Step outdoors and speak to him/her. Limit your answers, as everything you say can and will be used against you. They twist words. We totally cooperated with them and they still [censored] us. Complete compliance and we go screwed over. Now, we are fighting to reverse all PMC orders. We have learned a lot from this. God speed to all.

  • Fi
      1st of Oct, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Cps in the state of Texas needs to be shout down they came in and kidnapped my grand kids. the case worker had seen the kids a week before an put in her paper work that there was no abuse then a week later she came in and took them. She told me that if I could get to texas the next day I could have my grand kids when I got to texas they would not let me have them. They put them in a foster home where my grand daughter was molested and the supervisor told us that she was asking for it because she lifted her shirt up. She was 9 years old. They beat my grand kids made them sleep on the floor and would not let them eat until their kids were done eating. Where was cps at that time not there. When we got to visit them at the end of one of our visits the person transporting them threw my grand son on the ground and hurt my grand daughter. If anyone reads this and has a good case against cps please contact me at If I can get enough people together we can start a class action law suit against cps but we have to be able to stick together. They even sent a letter to me addressed to my daughter thanking me for turning her in. Thank God my family is strong enough that my daughter knows if I ever did anything Like that I would tell her first. Oh yes and lets not forget that they hit my grand daughter in the head leaving a cut gave her a fat lip hit her and the foster mother was single and went out leaving my grand daughter alone while she went out drinking. My grand son was picked up by his arms and shook what do they call that shaking baby syndrome but its ok for the foster parents. This happened in Killeen texas and cps was still coming by when my grandkids no longer live in texas. This is for you Yolanda carter and chris montgumery your there for a pay check not to help kids or protect them. All of you are a pathetic excuse for humans. You are lower then the ### on the bottom of a barrel you put a whole new meaning to losers

  • Cy
      14th of Oct, 2015
    +2 Votes

    I'm also having a lot of problems with Texas CPS. I have discovered CPS to incompetent, incapable to following their own procedures, they will use intimidation tactics, take bribes and in general have not met the education requirement for the positions they hold. They should be investigated to find those who have broken laws to be prosecuted and the rest should be terminated for the abuse of power. I contacted the Atty. Gen. Office and was told that office doesn't handle CPS, therefore there is no government controls on what the CPS investigators do or fail to do. Over 3 years ago, 1 neighbor report that my 16 year old niece was jumping on the trampoline with nothing but a t-shirt on. She was trying to get attention that her mother was drugging her to do child porn. That complaint was deliberately misfiled, because the CPS investigators are too lazy to do their jobs, especially in Tarrant County. This same mother was manufacturing meth and selling it from her home in Arlington, TX. However, if you call about the Arlington Police dept., they will tell you that there has never been a drug problem there. Why? Because the Ft. Worth Vice Dept. cleaned out all the drug houses in Arlington. When CPS calls Arlington about the drug issue, the Arlington Police will tell anyone it never happened. Now there are 2 children left in that drug house, the gang and cartel members who went to prison for these drugs are getting out and getting their revenge. CPS does nothing to save the lives of these 2 children. Since there is not entity watching over CPS these uneducated investigators will determine which children live and which will die. I was even threatened by a supposed Texas Ranger for filing complaints. There are no limits to CPS destruction of families and the lives of children. They are always stating that it was ANOTHER child that fell through the cracks, why are any children falling through the crack. The CPS judges aren't much better. We pay taxes for an agency whose workers sleep all day, don't investigate the way the CPS website states they will and still get a paycheck from our tax dollars. I want and investigation into this agency and as a taxpayer, an investigation should and needs to be done. I don't like my hard earned money wasted in this manner.

  • Cy
      16th of Oct, 2015
    +2 Votes

    I heard from CPS Texas, now that I reported to them that I was going to social media to try to get justice. Aside from everything else that CPS failed to do, like investigations, I had a Texas Ranger attempt to intimidate me. This Texas Ranger actually told me that the investigators did not have to do what CPS's website stated would be done with each and every complaint. Now, CPS is so worthless, they are using the Texas Rangers to intimidate complainants not to file CPS complaints about child abuse. The purpose-the racists working for Tarrant County CPS. Currently, the case sits in the Tarrant County's CPS offices, and CPS investigators refuse to put it before the judge. Why? We are ethnic. I am a squeaky wheel and this whole matter that involves children in danger has now become a matter to CPS about making me go away, without getting the 2 children out of harms way. I feel the more people blog about their problems with Texas CPS, the more of a chance we have in changing how Texas CPS handles, or doesn't handle cases. Keep posting your stories, I will.

  • Ad
      16th of Aug, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I'd like to state first that I am sorry that you are having a difficult time in dealing/communicating with DFPS. This is not a new issue, and you are certainly not alone. If you find yourself open to the idea of having someone go over your case with you, please contact me. I am no one special. I'm simply a parent dealing with my own personal story involving DFPS. I am currently conducting research regarding the agency's adherence to statute, code and policy. If you feel you and your children have been truly mistreated, the best course of action is through research and self education. Standing alone your voice will be but a whisper, but together we can hold those who choose to disregard the laws that govern them accountable. 469-360-8256

  • Co
      16th of Sep, 2017
    0 Votes

    Cps is like the saying "give them an inch they will take a yard" and fabricate, manufacture in collusion with police, da ofc, judges, etc., a case against you. they put up a facade so that they don't have to investigate the real cases. because they know the real cases will kick their freakin [censor]. so the prey on the innocent treat and put us through court as if were are a captial criminal.

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