Test Prep Services / this company is a scam

They called us claiming our son signed up and was interested in their products and services.
We were also told there was a 30 day guarantee refund policy.
The number they give you as well as the email address is not valid nor did they respond to any voicemails left or emails sent.
We called within two hours of purchasing the services over the phone after we found out that our son did not sign up as they claimed he had done.
When we called it was automatically sent to a voicemail where we left two messages requesting to cancel the purchase and get a refund.
They proceeded to still send the product and avoid all of our emails and voicemails.
We had to file a dispute with her credit card company.
Once we receive the product in the mail we immediately refuse the package and returned it to the sender or they refuse the package when it arrives at their address.
Buyer beware do not believe them if they call you and claim your child signed up and showed interest in their services.

Apr 07, 2016

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