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Test Prep Services / possibly fradulent

1 San Diego, CA, United States Review updated:

After my son took a practice sat test at his school, I was phone about test prep materials that could help him. I was told that if I was not satisfied with the materials, I "must" call before 30 days have passed to return the materials for a refund of the nearly $180 cost. Additionally, there would be access to a website which would be free during the first 30 days, but that would automatically be charged $54.95 each month thereafter.

The materials come packed with letterhead sporting a eureka one-on-one review, llc logo, but upon calling eureka for the refund, they state that they do not charge people for the materials and that they do not conduct business in this fashion. A smaller card without any kind of a logo inserted with the eureka materials states that "test prep services" is the company who evidently has charged me and is conducting this concerning practice.

After I called today, I was told I was past the 30 days (I wasn't... ) and after much discussion, two offers were made for my refund: 1) $139 for a "processing & restocking fee;" and 2) $100 if I just wanted to hand on to the cds anyway.

Clearly, something is wrong here.

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  • Ke
      21st of Jun, 2009
    -2 Votes

    There is nothing wrong. Test Prep Services is the national distributor for all of the recommended preparation tools for SAT and ACT student test preparations. The software may come under different brand names because of the yearly contracts for the software manufacturers, which vary from year to year. TPS offers the software to the parents and students who express interest through pre-registration activities, including checking off boxes online. Parents who show due diligence and return the software within the 30-day evalutation period are not charged or penalized. Check with the BBB.

  • Ju
      28th of Jun, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Test Prep Services is all right. After fielding many complaints to the BBB in my job, I found that the main fear from parents is that this company had claimed to have spoken personally with their students. The company merely uses the phrase "your student expressed interest in our program" which includes visiting web sites, college fairs, and parent/educator meetings. The company is legitimate by legal business standards. They offer the program on 30-day evaluation, with a standard return and refund policy. They are forbidden by law to conduct business with minors, which is why they always ask for the parents with the opening line of "expressed interest." These are just telemarketers trying to make a living folks, no need to call 60 minutes or flood the BBB hotline because you gave them your credit card information.

  • Qu
      7th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    My husband was called by Test prep services and agreed to pay $178. once we received ithe materials we decided it was too much. We too called the number 4 times and got a message stating they would return our call with in 48 hrs. 5 days later there was still no call. i then looked up their website and it stated the return policy has to be within 30 days. we are still in that window of time, however the web site say it will not allow returns with out a special code that they must give out. I emailed them for the code and did get a reply, instead of the special code i asked for, it offered to refund $100 and let us keep the items for $78. they also said they will not refund the shipping fee, which is fine, but will also charge us a $20 restocking fee too. I feel like they are a scam, any real company would have no problem returning an item, without all these strings they attach to make it harder, plus never returning calls given to them. The people that posted the positive reply obviously work for the company!

  • Xc
      10th of Jul, 2009
    +2 Votes

    you are right. the person at the top, kenneth gardner, works for tps; tps does mislead people by not stating the full conditions; don't waste your money; and they are not very responsible as well; complain to the BBB, post office, etc. they'll get what they deserve.

  • Ts
      4th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I, too, purchased the preperatory materials from TPS. I can say in good faith that my Students (twins) benefitted from the materials. The optional scholarship guide service was given to us gratis for 30 days and we were told we could opt out of that if we chose to. We did, and they canceled this at our request. We were never billed. I have no complaints here. T.S.

  • Ar
      16th of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I was scammed the same way. I was told I could examine the product for 30 days. "You'll have a full 30 days to try it out, " was the exact phrase. I did so, and called to return the program after 25 days. I left a message asking for a RMA to return product. I received a return phone call three days later stating that it was too late to return the program. After I pointed out that it had not been 30 days, they gave me the run around, I called two more times only to be given further runaround. Ended up costing me 129 + shipping. THERE WAS NEVER ANY MENTION of accompanying Scholarship Guide Service which bills at $54.95 per month until I received package. They billed this after 25 days (not 30 as it says in their literature). THIS WAS A TOTAL SCAM! THEY MISSTATED CONDITIONS, WERE DISHONEST WITH TIMEFRAME AND RETURNING CALLS... I feel I WAS "HAD." In my opinion, if you risk ordering from TPS you may get SCREWED as I did! My advice...STAY AWAY!

  • Ki
      17th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    "Possibly" is a very good qualifier for this business. In the strictest sense of the law, I have no comment. They too called me a few hours ago saying my daughter "expressed interest" in their SAT/ACT/PSAT product during a practice test she took. It sounded legitimate. They offering software for $159 with a 30 day free-trial, but they needed me to "secure it" with a credit card. I gave them my credit card information (even though every bone in my body said "don't do it". My daughter walks in and I ask her about it while the telemarketer was still on the line whether she requested it. My daughter said "no". I asked the telemarketer to cancel the order. The telemarketer hangs up immediately. I will keep an eye on my credit card charges and will contest if it ever shows up. Legit? Maybe. But then I search on Amazon -- Kaplan SAT/ACT/PSAT Platinum Edition with a list price of $49.99 but selling at less than $25. Gold Edition with list price of $29.99 selling for $15. Even if legitimate, I would have been way over paying for software that does not change much from year to year. You can get software with box dates a few years old for under $10. Or you can borrow it free from your school or library. I would give them better credit if they marketed their product like their competitors and offered it at a price close to others.

  • Mi
      31st of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Thank you for all the feedback. I was planning to shell out the $170 for my child because we all have a desire to do the best for our kids.

    But when a company acts irresponsibly they dont deserve customers. And too many companies in America are dishonest.

    Thank you all for the warnings and thanks especially to Kitiany

  • Av
      18th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    YES! thank you all for your comments, I just got off the phone with a stressed out telemarketer as this is their "push" time, he was promising me the world and that I will be able to get my money back if I wasn't happy and blah blah blah. You know the story. I told him that I wanted to talk it over with my Kid and spouse and suggested he call back another time. That's not their plan! I hung up. Stay away from this at all costs! I have a feeling they are based out of Florida, which has the worst bunko consumer laws in the Nation! I try to never buy anything from Florida!

  • Tg
      27th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    i took day off work today, the test prep people called and mentioned that my son is very interested in their software, they called while my son is still at school. anyway, they claim after the test prep session they guaranteed at least 4 points increase, and it had 12 DVD covers all topics. I ended up Ok it with a credit card. total sum of $214, $14 is non refundable shipping cost. And have 30 days to examine. after my son got back from school, he does not seem to know what I am talking about, prompted me to google and found this site, called their number, left message both on email as well, check with my credit card company, it seems that they charged and provided refund. Thanks for the post! I found a 2007 kaplan version for $1.35 on amazon and will try that out first.

  • Pa
      27th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    To: Ken Gardiner, Test Prep Services telemarketer. I suggest you take your own advise and please do check with BBB in California and you will see in black and white that indeed TEST PREP SERVICES.ORG has a well deserved 'F' RATING. And you also know darn well, that new reps have no clue consumers will be charged a "restocking fee" which is never told to the consumer either. And you also know Ira's customer service numer is just a voicemail service that is filled with angry customers and for years there was no other way for a parent to cancel this boogus service so the parent was dinged another $45.00 as they didnt obtain a "cancellation authoraztion number" is this what you refer to in your line bout "ZERO TOLERANCE" ??? Your so full of yourself and Ira you cant see the truth if it hit you in the face. And you also know that this test prep can be bought new and unopened for under $45.00.

  • Fc
      29th of Sep, 2010
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  • Fc
      29th of Sep, 2010
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  • Al
      6th of Aug, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I feel like an idiot. I know better than to get sucked in by this sort of thing, but I had been thinking that I wanted to have my son participate in a test preparation class and this seemed like a good solution and similar in price to the class. I have not noticed any additional charges to my credit card and I don't recall any mention of a scholarship site that would have a free month and then monthly charge. What I was told was that there was a panel of teachers, aka writing experts, who would always be available to edit and help with writing assignments, application essays, etc. I really liked that aspect because I feel they get so little teacher led editing and correction in school now. How are they going to learn to write well if an expert does not show them exactly how to do it better?! Can only hope that their "experts" are really the professors and teachers they claim them to be! While I feel sick to my stomach reading all this stuff (which I should have done before I agreed to this!) the 30 day return period is well past, my son has used one of the vocabulary discs which seems fun, but my main concern now, apart from their questionable business practices is, are the materials they provide of value? Is there learning that can occur by using them? My only recourse now would be through their guarantee of a 200/4 point increase in SAT/ACT scores if that did not happen. And after reading what everyone has said, I probably would have a better chance of winning the lottery than in getting my refund! If anyone can address the quality of the discs rather than the business practices, I would appreciate it! Thanks.

  • Sb
      29th of Sep, 2012
    0 Votes

    Be forewarned... Similar story here... I was called today by a depressed-sounding man and told that my 10th-grade son had filled out interest form at a college fair. After asking some questions about the program and fabulous results that the guy described, I put he guy on hold to question my son. He DID NOT request any info from anybody at anytime. The man accused my son of LYING. Then said perhaps he requested info in lower grades, like 8th grade, two years ago! That would make for a very delayed sales pitch! I said I homeschooled him through 8th grade and he would never be in a place to fill out a request. The man got flustered. I said remove me from the call list and he hung up on me.

  • Da
      16th of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    I was called today (5-16-2013) by someone who gave his name as Mr Spencer Perna representing "Test Prep Services". My phone log shows his calling location as San Diego, with a phone of 619-226-1142. On call-back that responds with "not a working number"). Mr Perna called to say my High School sophomore had requested info (via the internet, porbably from school) on their SAT-preparation CD instructional materials. The price he offered was $199.99 but this also had a 30-day free trial available. He gave the web site as -- which does resolve to a valid URL with advertisement for such a product. Perna also gave a phone number of 888-572-8228 (888-5-SAT-ACT).
    The web site lists the product price as $444. However, when I asked for verification (or e-mail) that _his_ offer price to me was $199 and that a no-charge trial was included, he stated he did not have time to send e-mail and immediately hung-up. After school, my 10th grade student said he never requested information on this product..

  • Ru
      15th of Oct, 2013
    0 Votes

    Just received a phone call today from a Miss Sarah Thomas regarding their final "push" for special student discount of $199 and wanting to close business by end of day today or at latest tomorow. I told her I would like to see some literature before shelling out $200 and she said they did not have the time to send emails..that seeing and using the product was believing; that it was rare that the CDs were ever returned. There was no mention about the additional cost of the scholarship piece during the phone conversation..but good to know. After the conversation, I pulled up Test Prep Services complaints on the web and found this site...I am thankful for finding it, and want others to also know of my experience.

  • 9t
      18th of Dec, 2013
    0 Votes

    My wife "fell" for the line 'your husband expressed an interest in our product' and purchased the product. When we received it and did a quick test, we determined immediately that it was NOT what we wanted. The disks say that its compatible with Windows 98/ME/XP so its obviously dated. My son loaded the first disc and it was low quality, 4" x 4" video screens on his monitor. We have tried over 10 times to call the number on the order form (888-572-8228), send emails to the address on their website, and have even received a second call trying to sell it again - and told them we wanted to return the version we had (they hung up on my wife this time!). This is a SCAM, do not fall for this. I hope that they call while I am home so I can tell the LOSERS a piece of my mind. They are on par with the Indian scam "your PC is sending error messages to us and we need to remotely fix it". Terrible people pray on children in this way.

  • De
      13th of May, 2014
    0 Votes
    Test Prep Services - no refunds available
    Test Prep Servies
    44789 Mumm St.
    United States
    Phone: 888 572 8228

    This company has a hard 30-day limit for any refund whatsoever. It is impossible for a kid or parent to tell if the test preparation they sell does any good at all within 30 days.
    The software is very poorly written, hard to use, is not Mac-compatible, and generally worthless.

  • Te
      25th of Sep, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Find me even one person who returned this product and got their money back without a lot of additional hassle. This company's business practices are dismal. The customer service rep I worked with on my product return went from congenial to combative in 2 seconds flat. I made multiple contacts to obtain the required Return Authorization Number, then immediately sent the package exactly according to their instructions by Priority Mail. Unfortunately, either I or someone in my family threw out the post office receipt with the tracking number and guess what, my records with the Return Authorization Number. Never received my money back, and was verbally abused by the "customer service rep" by e-mail, accusing me of slander because I mentioned I would post a bad review. He e-mailed me several times a day demanding that I apologize, like a jilted lover or something, even after I stopped responding. Sick, sick, sick! Over $200 down the drain for me; I don't even have their sub-par overpriced product anymore. Stay far, far away!!! You can order superior products for much less from Amazon, and they stand behind their sales!

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