Terry Cullens Southlake Chevrolet / 2013 chevy malibu

In October 2016 my daughter who is in College, brought her car into the dealership to repair a Serpentine belt. They repaired it. Then March 2017 the Serpentine belt went out again. The Service manager Jeff Banker was very rude to her and insisted that these belts go out frequently. This is not keeping in the standard of GM Service Center. According to the GM manual these belts should last at least 50K miles if properly installed. This raises the question as to the quality of maintenance performed at the shop. The Service manager (Jeff) couldn't explain the cost. He could only insist that the bill must be paid. He took $100 off a total $1, 400 bill for the inconvenience of having it done a second time. This type of Service is not in Sync with GM's standard of service. The outline of work and materials was handwritten on a blank sheet of paper. Then given to her on a Terry Cullen letter head. ??

Mar 15, 2017

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