Terry Bazzell / online order from hastings ne.

Ordered a tap for 1 inch NPT but realized it was not compatible with my tool. Emailed 40 minutes later to cancel and was told it was too late. There is no way that part left the building in 40 minutes! On top of that I was charged a $2.80 processing fee. This was not disclosed before the order. I feel I was taken advantaged of and now my view of Menards is bitter feeling. I shop at the Cape Girardeau store often and was beginning to favor it over the Lowes and Bucheit stores available. Was it really worth making me angry enough to take the time to contact you for $18 for a $9 part. I think you would have made a better profit of me to have taken care of me. It would have ingratiated me and gave me a good feeling about Menards. You need to follow Amazons business model. They take care of their customers. No more Menards shopping for me!!! I picked on line scam because I consider this a scam!!

Order Confirmation Number: [protected]

Nov 18, 2017

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