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i'm a employee there, they are having inventory shortage. so one day district manager tracy, and head of security greg, who by the way has a gun strapped to his side. came in and one by one the interegated each one of us! saying it was inventory shortage, but they were pressuring us to talk about each other!!! who drinks? is anyone doing drugs? why dont you hear the front door when some one comes in??? they were very unprofessional, scaring some and pissing the others off! i was one that was pissed off!!! that place has cameras every were & they cant see, that the place gets ripped off, cause the employees cant see a customer in most olf the store!!! no this sorry corp. is trying to blame the employees, who dont get paid for half an hour of there work, cause they have to be there 15 min before and stay 15 min after! they dont have a panic button in case the girl that works grave yard, me!!! get robbed or even raped, but they will have her death or rape on camera!!! since they have came harrassing employees one has quit, one went to jail, and has been fired, and the manager, who didnt do anything, except keep all the customers and employees happy, she got suspended!!! now does anyone think we need to check out, the district manager, why did she cause all this drama!! i haven't been back to work, cause on my day off i lost my grandma, who lived with me!!!


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      Aug 28, 2009

    i used to be the manager of the store in parker az. i was the assistant at the chevron then the manager of the one across the street. this corp is miss managed and in very poor shape. when something goes wrong at a corprate level or at store level if there is a issue that the uppermanagment cant figure out they just harras the manager at the time until that person quits or untill they dig enought o find reason to let them go. ithey dismissed me after 2yrs faithful service because my assistant and her buddie drummed up some ### rumors. after they investigated they proved the rumors had no truth to them at all so what did they do!!! in stead of fireing the ones starting the trouble they fire me cause i was driving my neigbor (an employee) to work... it was a complete sexicst descision all my bosses were women and i was the only male present during a suspension interveiw in vegas. after i left there i still stopped by to visit my freinds who all tried to walk out when they fired me but i talked them into staying... ne ways one day the new manager JULIE tells me in a very stern (un-needed) voice that i need to "get what i am going to buy and get the hell out"... i wasnt even inside the store when this happened i was outside ton the phone... she rudely interupted me on a private call to tell me that she was going to the bank and i "better ###ING be gone by the time i get back" yeha what kind of customer service is that... i was a paying customer who ONLY bought gas at this store and who stopped every morning for coffee and every afternoon for a bite to eat... she then tells me that i am not allowed on the property and to get my drink and never come back or she will have me arrested... this place is completely against guys and i plan on filling a sexcist/harrasment lawsuite as soon as i can :-) have a great day people...

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      Dec 26, 2014

    I know what you went through as I was a former manager in the same scenario please get in touch with me at [protected]

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