Terribe Herbst Car WashCar damaged

On August 28th 2010 my car rearended a car in front of it while being on the car wash conveyor (at Terrible Herbst Car Wash in Henderson @ Sunset and Annie Oakley) due to the car wash employees not watching the process closely and perhaps not pressing the stop button (or the such) when it was required. As a result my front undercarriage detached on the freeway and made my car swerve uncontrollably as I was picking up wind between the bumper and the dragging undercarriage (speeds of the freeway traffic are 65 miles per hour). I had to pull off on the shoulder lane and stop so hard as to not to spin out that I suffered whiplash. I at that point decided that it is not safe to sit on the shoulder lane and proceeded slowly towards the nearest exit and parked at the first parking lot. My husband arrived and with the use of his truck and trailer towed the car home. Since I did not file an incidence report or called an ambulance the Terrible Herbst is treating it as though I cant sue them and therefore are being less than helpful to put it mildly. I called and spoke with the location manager multiple times and the main office. The main office (Rebecca) told me to bring the car to the location and let them look at it. I explained to her that I cant do that because my car is not in driving condition, and I feel it is unsafe to drive it and that I either can take pictures or they can come out and look at it but she stated that there is not much she can do and I have to somehow bring it over to them. The trailer that my husband used was a rental and I feel that it is absolutely unfair for me to have to rent a trailer and haul my car over to them just to hear how it is not their fault. I hold that stance in part because when speaking to the manager (Mark) of the location where my car was damaged he pretty much said that he knew for the fact (which is impossible) that what happened at the car wash could not have damaged it to the point that the front undercarriage would pop out. My car is 2007 and I never had any problems with it. It happened 15 minutes or even less after I left the car wash. I even gave a tip. What a shame.. It is obvious to anyone that their negligence lead to that skid plate/undercarriage to dislodge from underneath the bumper (after all that was the part that was in contact with the other car). I had to pull over so hard (or I would spin out on a freeway) that I suffered a whiplash and now am suffering from neck and back pain as well a headache. I feel that their criminal negligence (especially that NO ONE looked at my car after that to see if anything was wrong with it underneath) caused me a variety of trouble, financial, health and just simply time and their taking stance that they are not liable simply because I didnt write it on the paper (filed a report) or called an ambulance (I hate the idea of wasting the taxpayers money on a whiplash, I truly apologize for that) shows what type of company they truly are. I could have at least been offered an apology and an offer to fix my car. But instead I got tons of lies and they didnt care that I was there and seen everything with my own eyes. At this point I just would like to file a report and a complaint as there must be some recourse for what has transpired. They should not get off scot-free simply because they feel that they can win the case in court. I am still hurt and my car is still damaged. That should count for something.


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