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Hi, as a foreign consumer it's very inconvenient to me to make a complaint. Cause I can't contact any institution in Japan at all! The thing is I was try to buy something online to post to my friend in Japan through a website: They said they won't charge me any money for service. But the truth is they charged me more £7 than exchange rate. And I asked they to post it straight to my friend, but they said the parcel need to be passed to their warehouse. And I need to pay another shipping fees. They explained that it is because they need to avoid risk. But they ask ME to PAY FOR THEM! I really don't think I should be pay for it as all the fees were caused by them. I believe Japan is a country guided by the rule of law. It is clearly that they are using hidden consumption to fraud consumer to gain more money. Please help me solve this case, thank you.

Nov 30, 2016

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