tens unit / unfair refund policy

1 NJ, United States
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I purchased a tens unit and to get free shipping I also bought extra pads and wires bringing the amount to $100.98. I didn't like the unit so I called to get instructions to return. When doing so they told me there would be a 25% restock fee which I felt was ridiculous but had no choice but to accept it. I expected to have to pay original shipping but when saw I was only credited $53.30, I seriously questioned this amount. When called they blamed the difference on the original shipping. I told them that was way too much for shipping and surely they didn't really expect me to buy the fact that it costed them twenty plus dollars for shipping when it only costed me 12.99 to send it back and that even included insurance. The girl on the phone finally admitted they don't refund money on the extra pads or wires even though the plastic was never broken and the items weren't opened. So the bottom line is this, the restock fee was rip off enough and in itself it should warn BUYERS BEWARE. They will keep as much of your money as they can get away with.


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