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Tenretni Ltd / Online scam

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Late Nov 2008 I decided to follow my dream and eventually sail off in to the sunset by following the route of purchasing a 'very lucrative business' internet website off of ebay. I spoke to Joanne at length, as did my husband, and was persuaded that I should check out all the scam information sites to see if I could find anything detrimental about the company, and of course I did and subsequently found nothing bad. We also believed, maybe naively, that as Dean was a platinum seller on ebay and with all the testimonials, this company could be trusted. So following this I bought a site for £1995.00 with the promise of a 'very lucrative business' that could see profits of up to £10, 000 a month, all I had to do was follow the training and work hard (all of this I was more than prepared to do). I was promised that the site would be up and running in 5 days.

Well my very first taster was the fact that I had to chase them to actually buy the site. I could not pay via paypal as it was too much money to go through in one transaction especially near Christmas; at the time I thought this to be a real pain but now I feel this was the best way, as I can now at least put the matter in the hands of the credit card company. I have had to chase and chase to get anything through on the site. Appointments made with them have been constantly broken, they have either been too busy, moving offices, not in, in but not available, my appointment not booked in, my appointment was booked in but the person was nowhere to be found, off sick, etc.. etc.. I did eventually get a site up, but whether it is finished or not I am not sure, as for one thing my astore is not fitting on the page and Amy cannot fix it to fit so only part of it is showing. Also, unfortunately this was weeks after Christmas and way too late for the best possible timing of the site. Many times during this phase I repeatedly asked for any marketing training possible, but was advised that I 'had' to follow the procedures and the marketing would come soon enough! Anyway, persevering and with time dragging on and on, I started to market the site on my own via ezine articles; no-one at the company had told me to do this I found out about this off my own back and decided to give it a try (was I ever over the moon when I had my first article published!). I have since had 8 published with 10 click through (no sales though!), all with no assistance from the promised trainers! I have had no marketing training whatsoever except for 3 phone calls with John M, a great guy that did not actually work for them but was paid to help train people in the marketing of sites, which resulted in me creating a blog page. Sadly then John left and apart from one pre-arranged telephone call to Joanne, which resulted in her being too busy to talk to me and after me kicking up a fuss she spared me 2 minutes to advise me to join 6 UK advertising sites, which I then pointed out were no good to me as I had been allocated an American site; she then gave me the names of 6 USA sites to join, 2 of which I subsequently found out did not exist, 1 had to have a US address to join and another I could not sign in to! I then tried unsuccessfully numerous times to call tenretni but the phone rang out constantly and Joannes' cell phone was switched off! Finally I decided that I was getting nowhere and nothing I could say or do would change the situation, and so e-mailed Peter for a refund citing all the problems. Peter replied 2 days later saying that he would look into it and give me a reply in 7 days. I heard nothing and then chased him up on the phone repeatedly over the following 3 weeks; I received a reply last week saying 'Sorry, but a refund is not appropriate in this instance, but if I could supply proof of my non-earnings he would look into the matter again'. I have since sent further information and am awaiting a reply.

At the time of writing I have had the site for 98 days and have not earned a penny from it. It is obvious that the promised expertise and indepth training is a complete myth by the company, no-one has time for me and worst of all no-one cares in the slightest. People at the company blatantly lie, there is no customer service and worst of all they are still advertising sites for sale on ebay and will continue to take peoples' money.

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  • Ac
      29th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Spot on with this

    Stay Away from Tenretni Lt...Dean, Joanne, Peter, Amy - THE LOT OF THEM!

    I am taking legal action against them soon, since I study law I see no problems in get these con artists done with - Please take this matter further, and contemplate legal action to.

    I am sure you will have a sound argument contractually (due to the many misrepresentations they make) and also against them as a company...they are clearly engaging in fraudulent trade and I am sure we can take action directly against the individuals in cases like this.

  • Sm
      1st of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    TENRETNI - is acting on behalf of a number of people in legal action. Those who wish to join the action group should get in touch through the contact page on that site.

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