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Tender Dentist / Unprofessional attitude

1 United States

On April 22, 2008, I visited with the Tender Dentist office at 5001 East bonanza Rd. Las Vegas NV, 89110, to have my son and I teeth cleaned. My appt. was for twelve o’clock, but my son and I arrived at eleven thirty a.m. Upon arrival, I had to fill out the new client paperwork. At twelve thirty, they called us in to be x-rayed. Next, they sat me down and told me that I have great teeth, but I have two very tiny cavities on my lower right hand side molar and suggested that I have resins put in to cover them up. A Dr. Jin told me that I need to talk to the treatment coordinator, Betty. When Betty came in she explain the resin treatment to me and said that it would cost $126.00, in which I asked was it necessary, and she said not really. Therefore, I declined the treatment and said that I just wanted to get my teeth cleaned for now, she said ok, and that she would send the dentist in to clean my teeth.

Before the dentist came in, a Hispanic helper came in to polish my teeth. I said to her “don’t they suppose to clean my teeth first, ” and she had this smirk on her face and said “not really.” Well I thought not and said to her to please send the dentist in to clean them first. When the dentist, Dr. Michele Smith, came in to clean them, I asked her the same question and she said that it wasn’t necessary. Then she proceeded to clean my teeth. While she was cleaning them she commented on how nice and well taking care of my they looked. After cleaning the bottom teeth, she started to go between the top molars and pulled out some plaque with a little blood, then she just stopped and said umm, let me look at your x-rays. After viewing my x-rays, she said that I needed a deep down teeth cleaning. She explained that while showing me my x-rays that she needed to go under my gum line and clean out all the build up plaque. Again, I asked was it necessary for this visit, cause all I wanted right now is a teeth cleaning. She said she wanted to send in the coordinator to explain and sell me this treatment again, in which I declined.

Then Dr. Jin came back in to try and sell me the deep cleaning theory and I became frustrated, cause I had already been there for four hours and the only thing that was done to my teeth was a half way cleaning job of total dissatisfaction. They never sent the cleaning dentist back in to finish the job, as a matter of fact I never saw her again. Instead, Dr. Jin kept trying to convince me that I need a deep cleaning. I became annoy with the unprofessional attitude of the whole scene, so I left.


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