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1 Fort Pierce, FL, United States

American Home Shield repeatedly sent incompetent AC technicians to my home for over a month and none of them fixed my AC unit. So, I found a technician that fixed my unit and he charged me $1, 200.00. I'm on a fixed income and I asked American Home Shield to reimburse me the full refund of $1, 200.00. Ms. Susan Roberts has been very, very abrasive and uncooperative with me. I'm a 81 yr old man with heart ailments...this process of fixing my unit and dealing with Susan Roberts had taken a toll on my health. She only offered me $640.00 after I sent her an invoice for $1, 200.00. I asked for her superior's info to report her and she ignored me. I told her I was going to cancel my contract with your company if I didn't get the resolution I need...which is a full $1, 200 refund. Ms Roberts took it among herself to email me and tell me she put in a cancellation notice to the retention department without my consent. In doing that...she was really telling me what she thought of my account...which is nothing! Ms Roberts even told me she couldn't give me the information I requested because there is nobody higher than her department but the legal department. Well, after dealing with her and this fiasco... I will be consulting a lawyer if I don't get an apology from Ms Roberts and my full $1, 200.0 refund. Thank you! Robert Barron.

Ten Dollar Taxi

Oct 22, 2018

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