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Temple University / Injustice of American education system

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In my 6th year in college, I have never meet an irresponsible professor nor ever file a grievance nor every said anything bad to a professor even though he may have been unethical at times but the result I have from the semester left my philosophy to be changed. The chairman and the head of my College who judge all grievances granted that the professor did no wrong.

In my class, I and others would ask a question, the professor ignores most of them, or if answered upon, the professor will asked his favourite students to answer them, often ignored because it does not respect what the professor concept he was teaching. When the favourite students ask a question to the professor, they ignore the professor because they can't understand what he was explaining. When exam time comes, the professor would not offer any help but just repeating 'go read the book'. Overall everyone failed all the tests, but the grade curve left me in a bad luck situation where I wind up 1 point away from a passing grade.

The thing that bothers me the most is when the chairman hears my case, he stated there was never a complaint about this professor for 20 yrs which then never really listen to my case at all. And when the head of the college came in reviewing my case, they just said the overall majority got a 'C', they never actually examine my case.

Lastly, what Temple University is doing they want me to go to common pleas court, hoping time and expenses on either writing a draft or hiring a lawyer, force me to withdraw the case. This class was just an elective for me and I'll be graduating. This grievance doesn't matter to me anymore soon.

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  • De
      5th of Dec, 2009
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    Temple University is nothing more than a low-class four-year junior college. There, I’ve said it. More than half the students attending have absolutely no business even near a college. These fools have bought into the hoax that a college education is going to land them a high paying job. Most of these suckers will come out of Temple University with about $18, 000 in student loans, only to get the low paying job they could have gotten right out of high school. What Temple doesn't tell them is that it doesn't matter if they graduates or not, the $18, 000 in student loans will double in a few years. High interest, penalties and fees are going to keep the poor student living basically from check to check, and that’s if he/she can find a decent job. And for those people who don't default, they will find themselves struggling to pay this $36, 000 in debt well into their 50s. The fees, penalties and interest are pure profit for the student loan industry and Temple University and others. The student loans will never go away, not even with bankruptcy and Temple University gets a kick back from the student loan agencies. I would venture to say that 75 percents of all Temple University graduates and non-graduates will find themselves struggling and wondering—what the hell happened? The other 25 percent of Temple Graduates will be the exception and find a way out of debt. But this doesn’t matter because the 75 percent struggling to pay back the loans is a sufficient number to keep the student loan industry and Temple’s kickback coffers replenished. Temple wants the students to believe that it’s the bad state senators keeping money from the poor students getting their education. Awww. Some parents are buying this lie. These are the same parents who will have a lean on their home when the student loan they co-signed for their children go into default.

  • Jl
      7th of Dec, 2011
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    Wow. The original complaint shows absolutely no proof that its writer went to college... for 6 years. And come on, denise_staton, sure - many, many younger people who attend college right out of high school either really don't want to be there or have no idea what they want to do, AND might be in a situation where their educations are paid for by their schmuck parents (those 'schmucks' are the ones who, according to you, believe that it is "bad state senators keeping money from the poor students"). I happen to be a "poor" student who is also an independent adult with straight A's... Where's my free money? Nowhere. I pay for people to teach me well and for a campus to attend. If you know so much about Temple University, where in the heck are you getting this $18, 000 figure as a total for loans accrued? I highly doubt that tuition has risen quite that much in the two years since you've reviewed, and, incidentally, full college tuition even at Penn State - which is both low class AND cheap - would still garner over $18, 000 in student loans. By the way, are you just pissed that YOU have to pay your student loans? It is certainly not your parents' fault - unless you were raised by people too stupid to tell you that a degree costs real money. One last thing... you have a LIEN on your home, not a LEAN.

  • Ml
      4th of Aug, 2014
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